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College Updates: Week 7 - Term 4


- Exams: The Forms 1’s – 4’s are currently sitting their final exams. The Form 7 also embark on their exams this week (photos). These exams will continue for another week. Meanwhile, the Forms 5’s & 6’s are on study break and putting final touches into their preparations. They will begin next Tuesday as Monday is a public holiday.

- Afternoon Study: Last week was the last of the afternoon study program for the exams’ Forms. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to Mr. Frank Mateo’s family & friends who generously catered for the refreshments for the students in the final week of this afternoon study.

- Despite the senior Forms having a study break on their own, our teachers are readily available to help those who still need guidance. At the same time, I remind teachers of the importance of allowing students to enter into reflective modes, sharpening their capacity to retrieve relevant info expeditiously and spontaneously.

Immediate Concerns

- Of immediate concerns now for the school are the conditions of the temporary classrooms. As you can see from the photo, the two temporary classrooms flank the Admin block. The nature of these classrooms is habitable and favorable for a learning atmosphere of 5 months maximum. These two at the college which house 3 classes are no longer conducive for learning. They can be either fairly hot during summer or moist and cold during the rainy season.

- I’ve requested the Construction Committee that our top priority now is to try and get Prefab Houses to replace the temporary classrooms before we commence the academic year 2019.

- Recently, it came to light that the World Bank (WB) will begin their operations of reconstructing the 8 damaged buildings that they have agreed to around March next year. I have repeatedly requested teachers and students to remain patient as WB has assured us that they will do their utmost best to conduct those operations.

School Concert

- On the 23rd of November, the college will host a concert at the memorial hall for Bp. Patelisio Finau and Sir. Sofele Kakala. Each year the staff holds a fundraising drive to cater for the prizes for the annual Prize-Giving. Over the years it has been mostly ‘kalapu kavatonga’. Hence, we’ve decided to try something new, and that’s why the concert is now the event for this year.

- Most of the items are selected from the PTA Day celebrations but they all need touching up. Added to those are varied items such as the Brass Band, Choir, class drama, poetry, and oratory. This is an opportune time to showcase the diverse talents of our students. Tickets are sold at the school for $10 and the concert’s duration will be 2 hours.

- Another benefit for the timing of the concert is that the last 2 weeks after the exams are usually full of headaches as students drop their level of discipline and focus. Subsequently, the best remedy is to keep them occupied and maintain their focus on something worthwhile they’re interested in.

News in brief

- 4 of our staff graduated from USP with varied qualifications which was held at the Tailulu Hall. Two BSc’s, Tuiaki Latu & Sasongi Latu; two BA’s, Sesilia Pofaiva Kautai & 'Alisi ‘Olie. We congratulate them for their wonderful efforts and achievements. Basically, these four fulfil a key pivotal component of our planning which is the upgrade of the qualifications of our staff.

- A 20 ft container from Australia arrived this week with assorted items such as desktop computers and laptops, furniture, etc. We’re eternally grateful for the generous support of people from different walks of life. Undoubtedly, this will go a long way in the formation and molding of our students’ talents and character.


- The staff and students are in good morale as we embark on our exams and rounding up the academic year 2018. There’s a sense of excitement pervading the entire campus as we witness to some renewed commitments from the staff, ancillary Team, maintenance crew. Nonetheless, I believe this is just the beginning of the process of transformation for ‘Apifo’ou College. Frankly, we are but laying the foundations this and next year. I also believe there are still lots of hard-work and challenges ahead. The good thing is we’re tackling this together. I’m merely the skipper but everyone on board the ‘Apifo’ou Boat is actively participating in and contributing to this collaborative endeavor.

Until the next update!

Viva ‘Apifo’ou College!


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