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College Updates: Happy New Year


New Year Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family! We begin this week with our Teachers' Planning Week. On Monday all teachers who serve in the Catholic Education System gathered at the Basilica for the annual address by the Bishop at the commencement of the new academic year 2021.

Planning Week 2021:

As mentioned above, Monday was dedicated to the input from His Eminence, Cardinal Mafi. He meticulously went through the Diocesan Theme for the year, "Join your family, in taking precautionary measures, making decisions, and encouraging responsible use of Social Media."

He laid down the challenge for all of us teachers, and especially administrators, to collectively formulate policies aligned to the Theme and more importantly, to take leading roles in practicing them.

The rest of the week, all teachers return to their respective schools and institutions to continue with their plans for the year. For us at AFC, this was the golden opportunity to conduct a post-mortem analysis of our efforts from last year.

Results of the External Exams:

In the Form 5 TSC Exam, we obtained only 12% pass and in the Form 6 TFSC exam, 20%. In fact, the results are more or less the same as the previous year, just a slight increase in the Form 6 results.

Frankly, our teachers are hugely disappointed with these outcomes. I feel for my staff as we invested more efforts last year and had expected better outcomes. I encouraged them not to measure their efforts with the results of the exams, as they are just mere indicators. There were some factors that adversely affected our efforts. For instance, two of our HOD's left us half-way through the year and the students' IA Tasks either had zero or very low marks!

Essentially, this isn't the time to point fingers but needs a profound and positive outlook for the journey ahead. The truth is, schools with high quality students as well as smaller ones of course have better results. As the saying goes, "crisis times offer new opportunities for improvement!"

Well, looking across at the national percentages of pass rates they are equally poor! Form 5's has 28% and Form 6 around 35%.

5 Year Master Plan:

Dr. 'Alisi Kautoke was able to highlight the 5 Year Master Plan and allowed teachers to contribute (photo 004). This was timely as we attempt to find new strategies that will harness learning outcomes this year.

Photo 004

This afternoon, we wrap up the Planning Week with a BBQ, served with kava and a few drinks for the ladies (photo 022). This was meant to cheer up our staff and psyche them up for the mammoth tasks which will begin on Monday!

photo 022

Official Hand-over:

Today at midday, we did the official handover of the new buildings that were opened last year in December. Ca'Bella contractors did some bits and pieces as final touches to the new classrooms (photos 010 & 021). I signed on our behalf and also delivered the words of thanks on our behalf.

photo 010

photo 021

Our Letio Apifo'ou recorded the signing ceremony today so please log on and watch the event.

Agricultural Project:

Photo 006 showed some of the staff that carried out some cleaning ups of our cassava plots. As you can see the cassavas are growing well and the staff are trimming down!! We need to do this regularly.

photo 006


Our teachers are ready physically, mentally, and spiritually to take on the challenges of 2021. As Catholics and Easter people we "remember the past...look to the future without fear....and live the present in the best way possible!"

This year will be special because apart from the weekly updates, the Letio Apifo'ou Tonga will host interviews with us the administrators. They will also cover basically all major activities of the college beginning with the Opening Mass for the Catholic Education System next Friday.

Viva AFC!


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