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College Updates: Heilala Week

Greetings Your Eminence and AFC Family!

Despite the weather having been unfavorable to the week-long festivities, some activities were still carried out, and mostly indoors. Our Schools' Choir and Brass-Band took part in the Musical Festival for secondary schools. We're very proud that we're able to get our school's choir up and going again, thanks to the skillful leadership of Sione Hapa, Sipinoti Moimoi, and Sione Fetu'u'aho, the music directors.

Our Tau'olunga Troupe, consisting of 20 girls from Forms 5 to 7, were supposed to perform on Education Day (Tuesday) but it was unfortunately cancelled. With the help of their parents they prepared well together with their costumes. I've encouraged them that they'll still perform in school's functions such as the PTA Day!

Starting from Monday, our rugby pitches were filling up. I suggested to the coaches that we can improvise and do kayaking instead of rugby drills! As of this morning the water has begun to recede.

Tonight our Brass-band will perform at the combined concert which concludes their engagement in this year's Heilala Festival.

We're grateful to a few ex-students who have called on us for a brief visit and touched base. Soane Tuita and his beloved wife, Fetuani Kula and wife to attend the Tonga High School Ex-students' Ball which will be held at the college hall tomorrow. Stan Manu has arrived with his son Sepa from Canada and will give him a week to acclimatize before joining us to help out in our Math's department.

Today is His Majesty's 60th Birthday and we've offered up prayers in our Mass this morning for him and the royal family.

Viva AFC!


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