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College Updates: Week 1 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow 'Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

This is the beginning of the 3rd Term and grateful that the teachers and students managed to take a break. For the few teachers and students who were involved in sports and holiday classes, we salute you all for your commitment and sacrifice.

The Opening Mass was held yesterday and we were very fortunate that our Oceania Provincial Council member, Fr. Lutoviko Manu SM, presided over the Eucharist celebration. The event coincided with the Induction of the Sub-Prefects. The purpose is to gradually allow the senior Prefects to focus on their preparations for the exams, both internal and external.

Agriculture Science

The Department of Agriculture has embarked on planting veges and then sell them to get some revenue for their various projects. It's encouraging to see the students engage and enjoy these outdoor activities. The lettuces and cabbages have been selling like hot cakes at $5 for a huge bundle!


The school's sporting Teams, rugby, netball and soccer, are still engaging in their respective competitions. The Rugby Teams are approaching the final stages of their games. Due to the wet weather yesterday only the Grade 4 and the Senior 1XV played. They both lost respectively: Grade 4 to THS 0 - 12, and Senior to Toloa 11 - 24.

Seen above and below are the two Teams and their respective opponents maintaining the spirit of sportsmanship. We remain true to our Marist Motto in sports: "Be gracious in defeat and modest in victory!"

Brass Band

As highlighted in the previous updates, our Brass Band and Choir have done splendidly well in the competitions during the Heilala Festival. They won the first Prize in the Choir competition. They also awed the audience during the Festival that was held here at the college Hall.

New Brass Band Instruments for the college

Ms 'Isitokia Paasi has been updating us on the great progress of the Pledges to collect the much needed new equipment for the College Brass Band. During the recent festival we had to borrow some of the equipment from the Basilica's Brass Band. I believe that very soon we won't bother Fr. Loni again, as in a couple of weeks we'll receive new equipment that have been collected thanks to the generous donations from individuals and families among our ex-students as shown below in a list we received from 'Isitokia (by the way, there's still time for any new volunteers):

HONOLULU: Eb SOPRANO CORNET 1. Soane Tuíhalafatai PULIÚVEA Palei Tuíhalafatai PULIÚVEA TENOR TROMBONE 2. Pulileka Tuíhalafatai PULIÚVEA Palei Tuíhalafatai PULIÚVEA MARCHING SNARE DRUM 3. Fane LAPA Átolofi LAPA.


TEXAS & CALIFORNIA: 1. ‘Epikopo Patelisio. FINAU-MAFI Áleki & Kolotile LATU 2. ‘Epikopo Soane FOLIAKI Setefano SETE 3. Moseniolo Kelekolio Kailao Setefano SETE 4. Sitani FOLIAKI Setefano SETE 5. ‘Epeli FIEFIA Lui VAITAKI 6. ‘Afoloka LAVAKI Lui VAITAKI 7. Papilone HUHANE Pelenato HUHANE 8. Filipo Tu’ifua FIFITA ‘Etuate & Molimoli MA’AFU 9. Falakiko Lebas HAVILI Hilita Moa HAVILI 10. Lafaele VAKAÚTA Teu & Kosilio VAKAÚTA & Teleisia VAKAÚTA 11. Siaosi BOURKE Siope & Mafi HEIMULI 12. ‘Alekisio Filimi & ‘Analena TAVO Puluno & Pakileata TAVO 13. Otto & Lupe JOHANSSON Puluno & Pakileata TAVO 14. Setefano MOALA Setefano SETE 15. Save SETE Setefano SETE 16. Luini SETE Setefano SETE BESSON PRODIGE Eb 3v TUBA BESSON INTERNATIONAL EEb 4v TUBA BESSON PRODIGE Bb 3v TUBA BESSON INTERNATIONA BBb 4v TUBA 17. Sosefo PAHULU (1962 – 1967) Sosefo & Fania PAHULU 18. Émeli Lavakeiáho ‘ÓLIE (HEAD PREFECT 1984) Maika & Émeli ÓLIE 19. Petelo Manulua TAULA Peuli & Ane TAULA 20. Tuíniua Takapautolo & Ákanete KAVALIKU Kesaia KAVALIKU TENOR TROMBONE 21. Lisiate Mateni TATU Ricky Mateni TATU BESSON PRODIGE Bb 4v EUPHONIUM 22. Peni & Katalina VAITAKI Samantha Ane SEKONA DRUM MAJOR MACE (5’ – 6’) 23. Latu Sokopeti VEATUPU Tonga NAU MARCHING TENOR DRUMS (TOM TOM) 8’, 10’, 12’, 13’ 24. Sakalia ‘ANITONI Famili ‘ANITONI Naufahu Sitaniselao ‘ANITONI

NEW ZEALAND: 1. Sosefo Kupetino MOÁLE Sr Monika, Petelo Moále & Fanau Bb 4v EUPHONIUM 2. KNIGHT SIR SOFELE KAKALA Tisiola Kakala, Malia Fariu, Fr Kapiolani, fanau moe fanga makapuna BASS TROMBONE 3. PATELE LAVA ÉNOSI Tonga ÉNOSI TENOR HORN 4. PATELE SOANE VAHE Patele Soane VAHE PAASI FAMILY (ISITOKIA & MANUMAPUHOLA) Bb 4v EUPHONIUM (2X) 5. Moseniolo Taniela FOLIAKI 6. Patele Penisimani FOLAUMOETUÍ Bb BARITONE HORN (2X) 7. Élisa HALAFIHI 8. Valini Malia Kalemeli. PAASI TENOR TROMBONE (2X) 9. Tuituú PAASI 10. Masao PAASI FLUGEL HORN (2X) 11. Poinisitia PAASI 12. Sosaia Paluto PAASI TENOR HORN 13. Tino PAASI Eb SOPRANO CORNET 14. Sitani KISINA 5 PIECE DRUM KIT 15. Tevita HALAFIHI MARCHING BASS DRUM 16. Lesieli Kilinganoa HALAFIHI

Kasia Ki Onopooni Aotearoa

We're eternally grateful to the President Viliami Lavaka, Solomone Sakalia, Peta and the rest of this Alumni for your continuous support for the college. This group looks after the general cleaning materials such as toiletries, detergents, chemicals, etc.

However, this time round, they added some food stuff which will be used for the feeding of the sporting teams. Malo fau e 'ofa lahi!

Mr. Timote Solo's Battery-Powered Wheel Chair

This was a timely gift from the Rotary Club in Victoria, Australia who donated this new equipment for the use of our long-time teacher, Mr. Timote Solo.

After the blessing of the battery-powered wheel chair, Timote was still a bit scared to use the equipment as he's so used to wheeling his own! Well, the Principal had to do a test run for him, partly to reassure Timote that the new chair is very safe to use!

New Deputy Principal

On Thursday our new Deputy Principal Admin arrived at the college after his renewal in France. Fr. Valu Siua was welcomed into the college with a shared meal with the teachers. He's bringing with him lots of skills and experiences after serving as a teacher for years in the Solomon Islands and Fiji.

Below are the members of the Lalo Kasia Club welcoming Fr. Valu and Fr. Lutoviko.

Marist Family Retreat

We were very fortunate this year to have our annual Retreat together with the SMSM Sisters. We were also blessed to have Fr. Lutoviko Manu lead us in the retreat as he guided us on the concept of Synodality. Inspired by the Holy Father's emphasis on our Synodal Journey with the faithful, we pledged ourselves to take up these renewed calls towards openness to the promptings of the Holy Spirit.

Visitors to 'Apifo'ou

We're always grateful when ex-students and friends of the college do pay us a courtesy call. This week, Soane Tuita and his beloved wife Tupou dropped by for a brief and surprise visit before they returned to the USA.

Seen below is 'Amanaki Mafi who plays his professional rugby in Japan and was visiting his family in Ha'asini, but dropped by to say hello. Domo arigato gozai masu!

Kauvai Parish's New-Look Bus!

The Kauvai Parish has added a new-look Bus to their fleet! Recently, the Parish has renewed their commitment to Apifo'ou and evidently, they make sure that their children are safely and comfortably transported to and from school. Bravo Kauvai!


May I extend to you all our sincere gratitude for all your prayers and support for our beloved college. This is very important as we shift our focus more towards the classrooms and the wrapping up of all sporting activities.

Viva AFC!


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