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College Updates: Week 10 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

This is week 10 of Term 2 and it's usually the end of the term. However, as you're well aware there'll be no break until December! This is also the last week of the semester for our Form 7 students. They'll take a one-month break as they follow the USP program. The rest of the school will continue and next week will be the turn of the absent students from the exams to sit their papers. The Flu virus is still active so we have a good number of staff and students who are still absent.

Weekly Eucharist

We're indeed grateful that we're still able to celebrate our weekly Mass. The staff and students know very well that this is the heart of all our college activities where we draw the necessary grace and strength for our respective tasks ahead.


The dentistry is shaping up well. The dentists from the hospital were here this week to make their final recommendations before the completion of the work. One of the dentists that came to visit us is our very own Mr. 'Atonio 'Apikotoa, the Dux of 1997.


The Automotive section is buzzing with activities as Mr. Lavakei'aho has allowed our students to experience first hands-on jobs. A few of our teachers have taken their vehicles there for a mechanical overhaul.

Sr. Lupe Vea SMSM

The college is blessed to have the service of Sr. Lupe Vea SMSM, who is on vacation from Jamaica. Today she conducted a Professional Development session with the teachers. Thank you for the help, Sister.


May I thank you sincerely for your ongoing prayers and support for our beloved Apifo'ou. Let us continue to keep each other in thought if not in prayer.

Viva AFC!


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Fakamalo atu patele Ekuasi Manu hono kei fakataulama hotau api ako oku tau laukau aki.


Fakamalo atu he lahi mo lelei hono kotoa

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