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College Updates: Week 4 - Term 1


Lenten greetings to your Eminence and fellow 'Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

This is the fourth week of the first Term and it's also the first week of the month and the Lenten Season!

The aftermath of the Third Diocesan Synod seems to spark a certain enthusiasm among all the stakeholders within the Diocese to take up seriously the challenges faced by our respective schools and institutions.

From the perspective of the schools we're indeed grateful that the education of all students within our schools took center stage. Alongside that was the concern for the need to empower the teachers. The roles of the parents and ex-students were highlighted in the deliberations.

The final Draft of the Synod was signed by His Eminence at the Closing Mass. However, the Synod Commission was given the final tasks of putting together new proposals and amendments before a final copy is presented again to the Bishop. Below is the official photo from the Synod. Right in the middle is His Eminence, flanked by the two Chairpersons, Monsignor Lutoviko Finau and Fr. Nailoni Mafi, with the rest of the members and invited guests to the Synod.

Seen above is a photo of each Group with His Eminence. One of the special features in the Synod was the opportunity to catch up with the Reps from the US, 'Anau Pulu, Soana Kaitapu from Australia, and Lita Foliaki from Aotearoa.

Seen above are the AFC Prefects that helped out with the cleaning up throughout the Synod. We were very grateful that despite his busy schedule the Hon. Minister Seventeen Toumo'ua attended the entirety of the Synod from beginning to end.

School Activities

The focus is back to the classrooms for the staff and students. However, a few activities are also happening at this time. The Athletic Squad continues with their training. They'll have their trial tomorrow at the Stadium to select the final Team.

Seen above are the athletes trying to seek inspiration from the perpetual Principal of the college and drawing strength from the gaze of St. Peter Chanel! Seen below are the Form 3A leading the school Assembly.

Seen above is Singa Kaifoto interacting with the junior students in their Enrichment class. It's becoming popular for the students especially those that are struggling with Numeracy and Literacy.

The two newest classrooms at the college! Form 3 students above enjoy the smoothness of the tiles under their feet! Seen below are the Form 5T students enjoying the freshness of the tiles, ceiling, and paint. This is the first classroom next to the old Chapel which is known as the St. John's Block.

Isitokia's Projects

'Isitokia Paasi didn't realize that once she started the repair works at the St. Mary's Admin Office, other things will also line up! Well, she has been here for almost a month. She happily shared with me that finally, she'll return to NZ next week! She has done the repairs to the ceilings of the balcony and painting of the top part of the Office. She has also built a new bathroom for the teachers. Believe it or not, Isitokia with the support of her brother Manu and some ex-students foot all the cost. Fortunately, local ex-students 'Alani Mahoni and his crew plus a teacher from Montfort and students did all the work. Malo e 'ofa mo e tokoni lahi ki hotau 'apiako.

AFC Board and PTA Meeting

As part of the attempts to uphold the momentum of the Synod, we had two important meetings this week. First was the Advisory Board which was hosted by the Chairman, Mr. Frank Mateo at his place at the Small Industry. The PTA meeting was held yesterday at the college Hall. Both sessions were vital as teachers, parents, and Board members put their heads together to find ways to help the college. Chief among the discussions was the need to improve the learning outcomes of the students. I'm indeed grateful for the support of the ex-students and parents who are willing to journey with us at this critical time.

Good Samaritan: AFC Ex-students from the Emerald City, Seattle

The President of this group Mr. Kelemete 'Elika contacted me last week and as we talked I knew they were heaven-sent! This week they donated 10,000 Pa'anga for Scholarships and other needs of the college. Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Kelemete and his group of ex-students from the Emerald City.

Farewell to our college Angel: Angeline 'Anitoni (RIP)

The college was struck at its heart this week when the news of her passing reached the school. Our little angel Angeline fell ill at their home with the Flu and little did we know that she would be taken up soon thereafter. The college will attend to all the proceedings of the funeral until the burial tomorrow at 11 am. She was in Form 3 and her passing at such a young age is so heartbreaking to our Apifo'ou Family both at home and abroad. May I extend our heartfelt condolences to Francis, Taholo, Vaea, Vaha, and the 'Anitoni Family for this untimely loss. Rest in Peace dear Angeline.


May I extend to you all our sincere gratitude for your ongoing prayers and support for our beloved school.

Viva AFC!


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