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College Updates: Week 6 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

In line with the Strategic Plan for the college, the afternoon study for the exams' Forms begin in the month of August. This is based on the assumption that the coverage of syllabus is completed by then. However, we humbly admit that only a few subjects have achieved that goal. At the same time, we're hoping that teachers and students will take advantage of these extra hours to attend to the most urgent needs of the moment.

The strategy for the afternoon study is simple: school knocks off at 3.30 pm, usually light refreshments are served to the students and staff, about 300 in total; after that students are back in the classrooms for a solid two hours of study; transports are arranged for the students who don't have pickups.

The feeding of the students after school is meant to comply with International regulations that govern students and minors. We're obliged to feed them should we engage them after official school hours. Besides, we pay the teachers $30 per hour.

Above is our longest serving teacher, Mrs. Vika Tatafu Matekitonga, still going strong even in the afternoon study.

Our Form 5 Math's teachers, Mr. Sosafate Peauafi (below) and Mr. Taniela Kapeta (above) with their students during afternoon study.

Our VP Mrs. Kaunga Taulua and other teachers such as Mrs. Makalita Kiutau 'Otumuli, etc helping out with the distribution of refreshments to the students. Below, our bus and truck transporting the students to their homes, thus ensuring their safe return.


All the different levels from 1 - 7 and TVET are preparing items for the PTA Day at the end of the month. This is an event that staff and students look forward to as they perform together and usually have fun on the day.

Mr. Ha'amonga Tu'ipulotu (above) teaching the Kailao to the Level 1 students.

Ms. Luseane Talalima (above) sharing her tau'olunga skills with the Level 1 girls.

It's wonderful to see teachers engaging in these activities with the students.

Sports: Rugby

Our remaining Grade 3 rugby Team bowed out in the semifinal against Tonga College last week. They played like true sons of 'Apifo'ou and we're so proud of what they have achieved this year together with their two Fijian coaches. They'll have Thanksgiving service and meal tomorrow to mark the end of their campaign.

Their final task was to carry their fallen comrade, the late Kelekolio Vete (below).

Sports: Netball

Our Netball Players rounded up their games last Friday and we congratulate them for their wonderful achievements this year. Our Midget, Juniors, and Intermediate all came in 2nd. Only our Senior B won their final.

Above is our champion Senior B Team.

The rest of the Netters posing for a photo. We're indeed grateful to our ex-students who helped out with the coaching. Seen above is our past golden Team member, Lesieli Moimoi.

However, the toast of the tournament went to Takuilau (below) as they won the Senior A Final against Queen Salote College. Mighty congratz Takuilau!


Once again, may I extend to you all our heartfelt gratitude for your prayerful support and contribution to our beloved school.

Viva AFC!


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