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College Updates: Week 8 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow 'Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

This is week 8 and it's the last one for revision and final preparations before the students embark on their Mid-Year exams starting on Monday.

It's a tricky time for exams admittedly as the season for all sports has begun! That means that a good number of students are representing the college in rugby and soccer. Basically, it's nothing new as each year this is the case as Term 2 is typically loaded with extra-curricular activities!

The celebration of the weekly Eucharist yesterday was a special one. Not only that we celebrated the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart, but it coincided with the celebration of my Silver Jubilee of Ordination! It was 25 years ago on the same Feast of the Sacred Heart that the late Bishop Soane Lilo Foliaki ordained me at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. Personally, the celebration of my Jubilee with the staff and students was most fulfilling and fitting, as all my past 25 years of ministry were in schools. I have always been surrounded by students and teachers!

The Form 1M students looked after the liturgy and they did a marvelous job! They read very well in English the readings and prayers of the faithful. They presented also a precious gift, a new Vestment with the Sacred Heart of Jesus!

Personally, the Eucharist has been the epicenter of my life as a Priest and a Marist in these past 25 years. It's the ultimate moment of intimacy with Christ each time I celebrate the Mass. It's also the precious moment that I lift up my family and all the people that I journey with together through the Body and Blood of Christ.

The staff and students surprised me with a cake and gifts after Mass even after I have forewarned them not to bother!

Seen above is the group of Form 1M students that we sang together the story of the prodigal son for the Penitential Rite during Mass.

It's customary after such a celebration that both the Perpetual Principal of the college (Virgin Mary) and its Patron (St. Peter Chanel) are garlanded!

These Form 7 students wanted a share of the anniversary cake, so they offered to do the serving! Malo pe si'i 'ofa fanauako.

Various activities

It's affirming that the students display enthusiasm in their study as well as other areas of interests. Seen below are two students from the Agriculture Science Department with the first fruit of the vegetable harvest! The lettuces really look fresh!

Seen above are the Form 1M students ready to lead the assembly with a Play! It's amazing to see the good command of English among these little ones. Seen below are the winning Team from last week's competition, receiving their cash prize.

Last week we started the Lesson Observations of teachers. This is just a strategy to affirm what they're doing well and identify areas that still need improvement.

Sports News

From our Rugby Teams that played yesterday, Grades 3, 4, & 5 won their games against Tailulu and Tonga High School. It was unfortunate and disappointing that our Senior 1XV lost again yesterday to THS. That's after I had made it clear to the boys that this is one school that I don't enjoy losing to! I told them that if they want to give me a gift for my anniversary then a win against THS would be sweet. Luckily it's exams next week, otherwise the senior boys will do detention for the whole week.

The Grade 4 won their first game against Tailulu yesterday 20 - 5. This is the Team that is looked after by the Hihifo Parish. It seems obvious they're well looked after!

Seen above is the Soccer girls ready for action. Seen below are the Grade 2 boys feeling the heat against Liahona. The coach Folau Pofaiva is giving them all the encouragement he could muster at half-time!

Seen below are the Gr 1 boys who went down to the Nuku'alofa Primary School 7 - 12.

The senior boys had lots of opportunities as they dominated the scrums and lineouts, but they just couldn't complete their moves in order to score. Next time!

Seen below is the Coaching Team giving all the tips that the boys need at half-time.

Stella Maris

On Thursday the Stella Maris Project was finally opened officially. The Stella Maris Alumni 97 - 03 gathered together with a few Prefects to mark this milestone. This project has provided what will become the official Notice Board for the College.

Seen above are the members of the Stella Maris Alumni. They also had a surprise for the Principal, a pre-Anniversary gift! Malo fau e 'ofa ki hotau 'apiako 'ofa'anga!

Special Birthday!

Each year I joined Mr. Sipinoti Moimoi's family to mark his birthday. Well, yesterday, coinciding with my anniversary, we celebrated Sipinoti's 88th Birthday!

Seeing the way the birthday boy enjoyed his red wine, he will certainly hit 90! It was great to see some of Noti's daughters who came especially for the celebration.


May I extend to you all our sincere gratitude for all your prayers and support for the college, most especially for your prayers and support for me in my journey as a Priest for 25 years and a Marist for 29 years. Ko e 'Eiki pe mo 'Ene Fa'e Tapu!

Viva AFC!


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