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College Updates: Weeks 3-4, Term 3

Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC family!

The last two weeks have been very hectic with the final rounds of sporting activities. Four of our soccer teams, two U13 and U16 boys and girls, played in the semis but all lost out in the end. Like the other sporting teams, they played like true sons and daughters of 'Apifo'ou. From all our sporting teams, the only team that made it to the final and won was the Open Grade Netball Team. Overall we're very pleased with the results of our sporting campaign for this year.

Next year is a crucial one for AFC as we'll celebrate our 155th anniversary. As part of the strategies to raise the outcomes, this year I've asked all the teams to conduct a SWOT analysis of their efforts this year. On the same token, we're forming a committee, consisting of ex-students with expertise and skills in a variety of sports, to facilitate the running of sports at the college.

We had the distribution of reports for the Mid-Year exams last week and it was very affirming to see many parents and guardians who made the efforts to attend. They were told also to make use of the opportunities to see the individual teachers who teach their children with a view to engaging them in the teaching processes.

We welcomed the Secretary for the AFC Ex-students' Association in the USA, Mr. Rodney Halapio and his beloved wife Tu'ilokamana, who paid a courtesy visit to the college. They were in Tonga to celebrate with their family the 80th birthday of their beloved Mom, Monika. It's always a joy to catch up with ex-students from overseas who find time to drop by at the college even for a brief visit.

We farewell Mr. Iosefo Waibuta and his wife last Friday at the college before they flew out of the country on Saturday. As you know, Mr. Waibuta came with me from St. John's College. We wish them the very best!

Viva AFC,


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