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'Apifo'ou: a story with twists and turns


'Apifo'ou College traces her foundation to 1865 when an all-boys day school named 'St Stanislaus College' was founded by Fr Jean-Amand Lamaze SM at 'Ahopanilolo, Ma'ufanga, thereby making 'Apifo'ou one of the oldest secondary schools in the Pacific Islands


With a view to expanding the school, Fr Lamaze (now Bishop Olepio) sought and received the nearby property of 'Vusi' from Felise Kama to which St Stanislaus College was moved in 1881 to remain a day school. Fr. Olier was the first Principal at this 'new home' ('Api Fo'ou). 


On August 15, 1886, St Stanislaus College officially became a boarding school under the new name of 'Peter Chanel College'. Fr Emilien Thomas, holder of a licentiate in theology, was Principal from 1888 to 1906. The college bore the name of Peter Chanel up to 1963.


In order to allow students to follow the New Zealand syllabus, Bishop John Rodgers SM (Sipita) then decided to set up a new branch of the college at Makamaka under the new name of 'St John's High School' while those at 'Api Fo'ou continued under St. Peter Chanel College


'St John's High School' was relocated to 'Api Fo'ou where it merged with 'St Peter Chanel College' (for those under the Tongan syllabus) under the name of 'St John's High School' with 'Esto Fidelis' as motto


The Marist Sisters (SMSM) set up an all-girls school at Makamaka named 'St Ann's High School' for girls to follow the NZ syllabus as well

soane amato.jpg

+ Jean-Amand Lamaze SM, 1833-1906


   + Armand Olier SM, 1851-1911 


   + John Hubert Rodgers SM, 1915-1997 


On September 8, 1965, St. Ann's High School along with newly established St. Cecilia at 'Ahopanilolo (since January 1965) were both relocated to 'Api Fo'ou to form 'St Mary's High School' with 'Quodcumque Dixeritfac' as motto. St. Mary's would continue till 1986. 


On the centenary of 'Api Fo'ou as a boarding school, Bishop Patelisio Finau SM decided to combine the all-boys St John's High School and all-girls St Mary's High School into a single school named 'Apifo'ou College from 1987 under its original motto of 'Adveniat Regnum Tuum'


  + Patelisio Finau SM, 1934-1993 

[Source: Apifo'ou College, Wikipedia]

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