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College Updates: Week 4 - Term 3

Your Eminence and 'Apifo'ou family,

Greetings from 'Apifo'ou College and trust this finds you all in good health.

My first week at the college was very hectic, which was expected considering the ongoing activities and developments at the school. I was blessed to have had a visit with His Eminence, Cardinal Mafi, prior to commencement at the college. He was pleased to learn of all the planned activities and strategies to improve the standards of the school in all spheres of education.

The staff at the college put up a surprised welcome function and understandably, there is a willingness to work collaboratively as a fraternity and family of teachers at and for the sake of the college.

My first week at the college was very eventful. You can see from the photos my first assembly, school Mass, and Brass Band troupe representing 'Apifo'ou at the recent inter-secondary musical festival.

You can see some of the teachers exhibiting the school's shield and logo, as they are required to wear that to school each day. It's part and parcel of the efforts to raise their level of professionalism.

Beginning this week, the official language at the college is English, starting from the assembly to the classrooms and outside. Those who continue to speak still in vernaculars will be penalized through a class point system in which monthly winners will then be announced at the assembly.

The afternoon classes will begin this Thursday for the Forms 5's & 6's. This is not general teaching but more focused and identified on the needy areas in each subject taken by the students. As part of the program, a hot cuppa with buns and biscuits will be served to the students and teachers straight after school at 3 pm, just to warm their brains before we take them for 2 hours from 3.30 to 5.30 pm. The parents have been notified and have given their approval.

Already there's an aura of change around the school and we hope to keep on building the 'Kingdom of God' in our midst.

Viva 'Apifo'ou College!


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