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College Updates: 1st Week of Break


Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

The teachers and students are enjoying their first week of break!

Small activities around the school:

While the college is on a break, some small but significant activities are going on around the school. Sr. Sesilia 'Alamoti (Dean of St. Mary's), Ms. Singa, and Mr. David have decided to do a facelift to one one of the Forms 1 classrooms. This will be a pleasant surprise to the Form 1M students upon their return as their classroom is now freshly painted (photo 001). The same trio is also giving St. Joseph and baby Jesus something to smile about! They have repainted the base of the statue and also planted flowers around it (photo 045).

We needed to put up a fence around the statues of Mary and St. Peter Chanel, and since then that small circular monument in front of the Admin block is considered sacred! It has also the monumental plaque with the historical records of events of the 125th Anniversary of AFC. Mr. Hamala Langi (Fr. Aliki Langi's brother) is doing this small project, utilizing his skills accumulated over many years working in Australia.

I'm helping Mr. Taholo 'Anitoni with some senior boys trimming and pruning the 'toa' trees along the main road opposite the Naval base (photo 028). These trees were damaged by the recent cyclones and some of the branches are posing a threat to the power lines.

Mrs. Makalita Kiutau is now busy with putting all kinds of chemicals in stock at the new-look Science Labs. If you recall in earlier updates, these chemicals were kindly donated by the St. Vincent de Paul from NZ. Meanwhile, Seniale, James, Pila Suave, with the support of Frs. 'Ita and Silito have sent the gas burner faces from Australia. They should be arriving anytime now and thus the labs will soon be fully functional.

New Classrooms:

The Ca'Bella contractors are working overtime to complete all 7 new classrooms by the first week of July. You have seen from the photos in earlier updates that these buildings really look solid and beautiful. They'll be handed over to the college in the 2nd week. The Construction Committee has yet to meet to decide on the rituals and marking of this historic event. The official opening of these classrooms were supposed to be incorporated into our 155th Anniversary celebrations but somehow COVID-19 has changed all of that.

Botanical Garden:

The sandalwood plants are growing well even though few have died which was expected. We'll begin the second stage in July which is the planting of fruit and timber trees. We'll buy another hundred 'ahi' to replace the dead ones and also plant around the newly built classrooms. It's encouraging to see students from around Ma'ufanga showing up to water their plants in their own free time!


Thank you very much, one and all, for the continuous support for our beloved Alma Mater! May God continue to bless the AFC family in the second half of this academic year 2020!

Viva AFC!


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