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College Updates: 2-Week Holiday

Greetings Your Eminence and AFC Family!

While the college is on a 2-week break, there have been a hype of activities within and around the campus:

- holiday classes for exams' forms are ongoing

- TVET staff and students are attempting to complete the 2 new toilet blocks and also carry out much needed repairs for the Convent Chapel as it's now used as a classroom.

- upgrade of roads within the campus was carried out with limited funds available and hoping we get enough funds to tar seal them.

- 20-plus girls are putting final touches into their tau'olunga as they'll be part of the combined secondary schools' event for the King's birthday celebration.

- beautification works are ongoing around the gardens in front of admin block, trimming and pruning of flowers as well.

To be continued ....

Viva AFC,


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