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College Updates: 2nd Week of Break


Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family! Trust this finds you all and your respective communities and families in good health.

Admin Briefs:

~ Prefects' gathering: On Wednesday all the Prefects from 12 Secondary schools on Tongatapu gathered at Queen Salote College for a half-day workshop (photo 001). The Chief Guest was none other than the Hon. Minister for Education, Mr. Siaosi Sovaleni. The event is a product of collective insights from the Principals' Association. It was then passed on to a Steering Committee, of which I am a part, to plan the program. This is part and parcel of strategies to curb the ongoing violence and hostility among secondary schools on Tongatapu.

You may have read in previous updates that every Friday 10 Prefects from each school co-patrol with Police in town. This exercise is making a big difference and of course it portrays a beautiful image of collaborative efforts to the wider society.

~ Term 3 commences on Monday and we're hoping that all our staff and students have had a bit of a break, and have thus rejuvenated themselves. It's going to be another tough Term as we'll round up our coverage at the end of the month of July. We'll begin the afternoon classes for the exams' classes in the month of August.

New-look sights around the college:

~ Photo 013 is the new-look St. Mary Campus with the two new classrooms on each side of the admin block which are almost complete.

~ Photo 015 captures the facelift to the Science Labs and the 3 new classrooms opposite the tennis court.

~ Photo 017: Mr. Ngutau Kolo is giving the benches the last few strokes of paint. Mrs. Makalita Kiutau has set up the cupboards and shelves with the chemicals and tools, ready for next week.

~ Photo 020: Our chief secretary Seneti is smiling since the office has been given a facelift thanks to the desks and draws from NZ.


May I wish you a happy Feast Day today of St. Thomas! He may have lacked faith initially, but his declaration of "My Lord, and my God" is fundamental to our faith.

Fakamonu'ia atu ai pe ngaahi fua fatongia mei he ngaahi feitu'u kehekehe 'oku tau kaunga fakamo'oni ai ki he'etau tui.

Viva AFC!


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