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College Updates: Week 10 - Term 3

• Happy Feast Day to all Marists’ Family on the Feast Day of the Holy Name of Mary!

• Today at the school’s assembly the school honored 2 ex-students who passed away recently. Mr. Tevita Tu’ione of Fatai and Mr. Sonasi Tupou of Fasi & Fua’amotu. Their funerals will be held on Friday and Saturday respectively. Our heartfelt condolences go to Fr. Silito Tupou for the untimely passing of his elder brother. Also to Fr. Vaioleti Tu’ione sm for the loss of his beloved Dad.

• This is the last week of Term 3 and we’ll be on a break for 1 week. When we return on the 24th September we’ll have 2 weeks before the whole school sits the internal and final exams.

• Afternoon classes will resume when we come back next Term. The parish of Kauvai will cater for the light refreshments before students embark on their afternoon study.

Site Inspection of ongoing reconstruction at the college

- Together with some members of the Construction Committee we inspected the current reconstruction works to the school’s Hall, St. John’s block of classrooms, and the ablution block for the junior girls. They seem to be satisfactory.

Parents & Teachers’ Day (PTA) celebrations

- Last Saturday at the Sir Sofele Kakala & Bp Patelisio Finau Hall, the PTA with students celebrated their annual PTA Day. Apparently it was a huge success and there was a strong presence from parents, guardians, and ex-students. It was wonderful to witness to the healthy interactions between parents, teachers, and students. Some of the teachers even joined the faivas! The Cardinal’s presence was very affirming to all present on the day.

Students’ participation in different sports

- More than 20 of our students have either left our shores or will be leaving next week to participate in different sports representing the nation. They have been reminded to be good ambassadors of the college. The U16 rugby boys came to say goodbye prior to their departure and they all looked smart with their outfit (photo).

Visitations to parishes

- I have started the visitation programs to parishes to celebrate Mass and meet with parents and ex-students. Nuku’alofa parish was the first and there was a good turn-out to the occasion. The previous Sunday I met with the Kauvai parents & ex-students, and it was very encouraging to see them attending in big numbers. This Sunday I’ll say Mass at Houmakelikao and then meet with parents afterwards. Ma’ufanga parish is too big to lump them together so I’ll take them in smaller groups. I’ve recorded the number of students coming late to school and topping the list are students from Houmakelikao, Petia, Tu’amamani, Popua, and Ma’ufanga. As you all know this has been an old malady! Hopefully, we can revolutionize this as part of a renewed passion for quality education!!


The school is focusing on the senior Social Night tomorrow. For a change we’re not inviting this year any school from outside. I’m allowing the Forms 5’s, 6’s, & 7 to enjoy just being with one another this year. With the looming ill-disciplines in Tonga right now leading to school fights, substance abuse, violent behaviors, etc., it seems wise to have our own students here at the school where they can easily be controlled.

Please keep remembering us in your prayers as we do likewise for you all.

Viva ‘Apifo’ou College!


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