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College Updates: AFC Sports

Greetings Your Eminence and AFC Family!

Attached are the results from last week from our various Teams who are participating in the inter-secondary schools' competitions. The grounds for Netball are at Tonga High School, Soccer at Veitongo, with rugby at AFC, Atele and Toloa.

The other 3 photos are Grades 1A, 1B, and Grade 2, the beneficiaries and recipients of the generous donations from our US Ex-students, showing off their new outfits! They donated $8,800 which basically covered the costs of 3 sets of jerseys that totalled $8,400.

As I type this, our different Teams are training as games will continue throughout the holiday.

Fakamalo atu ki he tokoni pea mo e poupou kehekehe ki hotau 'apiako 'ofa'anga.

Viva AFC!


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