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College Updates: Cheering for AFC

Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Ex-students!

The reason for this early update is that we need your help with the inter-secondary schools' "Cheering Competitions" for the Ikale Tahi! For those of you who are on Facebook, please log on to the Digicel page which has the 6 schools vying for the 1st prize of $1,000. The school with the most votes/shares wins the competition.

The kava session of the male teachers was part of our breaking-up function before we had our 1-week break. I'm introducing the Fijian way of socializing, hit them hard with grog so they won't be able to drink too many beers for wash-downs!!

Even though we were on a break last week, some of our staff and students joined the rest of the schools throughout the nation to pay their last respects to the late Prime Minister, Hon. 'Akilisi Pohiva.

Today after the assembly, a Team of Chiropractors from the Bay area in San Francisco, USA, treated the college with 'Tuning and Toning' treatment. The Principal had to go first to make sure the treatment works! After that, teachers and students queued up to take advantage of these free services.

Please ensure that you send a text message to support 'Apifo'ou College in the cheering competition!

Viva AFC!


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