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College Updates: Ahi-Planting Day!

Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Happy 155th Anniversary once again! I have only this to say about today, 'absolutely awesome'! The whole day, starting from the morning devotion, seeking the intercession of St. Francis of Assisi (patron of nature & environment) and St. Joseph the Worker (patron of work) to bless the planting of sandalwood.

Each Level lining up for the distribution of plants (photo 014) then proceed to their allocated zone (photo 028). I had the honor of planting the 1st ahi tree (photo 011)! Some parents come in today with their contribution of fruit trees (photo 033). The whole of Apifo'ou was buzzing with activities as teachers and students surrounded the whole property from the gate to Houmakelikao right around to the frond gate, through the Marist residence, straight to the corner opposite Petia, then to the gate again, thus completing the college property. Roughly, we planted 1,000 plants today!

The day concluded with a reflection on the life of St. Peter Chanel then followed with shared lunch. The St. Mary's campus appeared to be well organized with their lunch sitting (photo 054).

Some parents were generous enough to bring anniversary cakes for the Feast Day and for my BD, kau atu ai pe he fakapuepue even though it happened yesterday!

Fakamalo lahi atu ki he ngaahi tokoni kotoa pe tautautefito ki he ngaahi kautaha Kolisi Tutuku mei muli: US, Aussie & NZ. The Kolisi Tutuku from Ma'ufanga represented the local associations of ex-pupils by donating 300 plants. There were families and individuals who also contributed to the Apifo'ou Botanical Garden Project. Amazingly, some contributions came from friends of the college who just wanted to be part of this awesome project.

Happy Feast Day once again & Viva AFC!


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