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College Updates: Happy Feast Day!

Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

On behalf of the 'Apifo'ou Family, may I wish your Eminence, priests & religious, and all Alumni groups of 'Apifo'ou, including St. John's & St. Mary's, a Happy & Blessed Feast Day tomorrow! This year is unique and a milestone indeed, as we reach the 155th anniversary since the foundation of 'Apifo'ou College. We can only sing with Mary her Magnificat, "My soul glorifies the Lord for He has done great things for me, His lowly servant!" We pray that our school Patron, St. Peter Chanel (photo 033), will continue to intercede for us.

After a lively discussion with the members of the staff, we've decided to celebrate our Feast Day in a unique fashion considering the restrictions from COVID-19:

1. We'll celebrate it this Friday

2. As soon as we assemble at the college, sandalwoods in pot plants (photo 037) will be distributed to each class.

3. The allocated zones of land right around the college fences will be given to each class to plant the 'ahi' or sandalwood.

4. We're targeting 1,000 plants provided that we secure enough funds to buy them. We bought 100 last week and it's $3 per plant. If you're willing to buy some plants for us to plant, please let us know and we'll be most grateful.

5. This is a wonderful project that will be named the 'Apifo'ou Botanical Garden!' Perhaps 15 to 20 years from now we may no longer have to wait for financial assistance from overseas once we start to harvest the ahi.

6. After that, staff & students to return to their respective classrooms.

7. A para-liturgy will be led from the office using the intercom as a form of reflection on the life of St. Peter Chanel.

8. Staff & students will share lunch at their respective classrooms.

9. All disperse at the end of the day.

From our Marist chapel we'll offer our Mass tomorrow for all of the 'Apifo'ou Family: students, teachers, parents, ex-students, benefactors & friends of the college.

Happy 155th Anniversary!


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