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College Updates: Lockdown!


Greetings your Eminence & fellow AFC Family! I pray and hope that you're all safe and sound wherever you are with your families and communities amidst the threat from COVID-19.


We had an assembly last Friday before our teachers and students disperse to their respective homes prior to the lockdown following the directive from Government.

Fortunately, we managed to complete our 1st Assessment exams last Friday and thus our teachers will have ample time to do their markings. Students are being urged to be productive and go through the exam papers.

Simultaneously, we're preparing for the worst-case scenario in the unlikely event of a positive carrier of the virus here in Tonga. Teachers are being urged to prepare their lessons which can be transmitted to the students via websites, TV & Radio, and of course printed handouts.

Construction & Reconstruction Works:

Due to the lockdown directive from Government, both contractors Ca'Bella & LEO have suspended works. This is very disappointing as I had hoped that the Science Labs would be completed by the time we resume classes.

There's hardly any soul around the college premises (p 024, p 026). However, only the perpetual guardians of the college are outside (p 028) looking after the place. And of course St. Joseph is guarding the entrance from the seaside!

Science Labs equipment:

Last week we received the generous donations from the St. Vincent de Paul here in Tonga.


Please continue to pray for our beloved 'Apifo'ou just as we do for you all.

Viva AFC


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