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College Updates: Week 1 - Term 2


Greetings & Happy Easter Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!


We're indeed grateful that the government has allowed essential services to function as of today with certain conditions still being applied. As such, the college has joined the other schools throughout Tonga in resuming normal classes.

One of the immediate obstacles is traffic restriction which only allows one student per seat in our school buses! This is a rather bizarre regulation considering our school buses come from rural areas such as Kauvai and Houma parishes.

I went to see the Minister for Education today to convey our humble view that such restriction seems unreasonable! He promised to follow it up with the Minister responsible.

Aftermath of cyclone Harold:

I'm indeed grateful to our teachers who live on campus as they joined me to patch up torn roofs, re-installing temporary classrooms that were dismantled prior to the cyclone, cleaning of debris, trimming of flowers, etc., as we prepare for classes today (photos).

Celebrations of the Eucharist:

I'm grateful that we were still able to celebrate Masses right throughout the 'Lockdown Period' at our chapel at Apifo'ou (photo). Indeed, we were still able to lift you all up, together with our staff and students, to the Risen Lord, as well as the powerful intercession of our Mother Mary.


Since there'll be no sports this Term I've urged our teachers to focus on our classes and coverage as we don't know for sure whether we'll be totally free of coronavirus or not.

I've shared with His Eminence how proud and grateful I am for the depth and profundity of his reflections on the Scriptures right from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday. Non-Catholics alike shared the same sentiments.

I suppose that's one of the blessings in disguise of COVID-19, in that the inspired messages of Holy Week invaded and pervaded many homes at home and abroad.

Viva AFC!


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