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College Updates: Week 1 - Term 3


Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

~ We welcomed back our staff and students for the beginning of Term 3 on Monday. It's the first time that we've held a college assembly on Tuesday since the lock-down began.

~ Three members of the School Advisory Board (SAB) were present at the assembly (photo 018). Mrs. Loupua Pahulu Kuli (senior magistrate), Mr. Filokalafi 'Akau'ola (Editor of Talaki), Mr. Lutoviko Manu jr (former Police Inspector). They were presenting talks to the students on the adverse effects of being involved in school brawls.

~ Heartfelt gratitude to Frs. Ita and Silito, together with our ex-students in Sydney, for the purchase of gas burner faces for the labs. The items arrived safely today.

New Classrooms:

On Wednesday we joined the engineers hired by the World Bank, together with the Ca'Bella contractors for the last inspection of the 7 new classrooms. This was followed by a thank you meal to show our appreciation for their hard-work and service to the college. Mr. Filo 'Akau'ola, Chairperson of the PTA, was present to speak on our behalf (photo 042).

Alumni 2007 - 2013:

There was a surprise visit today from the Alumni Group of 2007 - 2013 to offer their contributions to the Junior side. They provided toilet papers to the junior ablution block (photo 083). Malo e manatu mo e 'ofa ki hotau 'apiako ko 'Apifo'ou!

Fencing of Circular Monuments:

Today Mr. Hamala Langi from Kolovai completed a small but significant project, the fencing of the circular monuments in front of the Admin block (photo 092). We're indeed grateful to Hamala for sharing his welding skills with us.

School Mass:

The school Mass today was celebrated with a different gusto and spirit (photo 064). One can sense the hunger for the Eucharist among the staff and students. Due to the lock-down and restrictions we weren't able to celebrate our weekly college Mass. But today, it was such a joy for the whole school to worship together and celebrate the Holy Eucharist.

Upcoming events:

Next Thursday will be the official handover of the new classrooms to the college. The Construction Committee will meet early next week to plan for the official opening of the new classrooms.


Thank you, one and all, for your continuous support and prayers for 'Apifo'ou!

Viva AFC!


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