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College Updates: Week 1 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

This has been an eventful week.

~ The Common Test 2 was wrapped up this week

~ With the Emergency Degree being called off this week, we were able to conduct our school assembly and weekly Mass

~ The afternoon study for the exam Forms begin this week.

~ During Mass we inducted 40 Sub-Prefects to work alongside the current Prefects, but gradually allowing the senior students to focus on their exam preparations

~ The surprise visit by our two ex-students and current All Blacks, Shannon Frizell & 'Ofa Tu'ungafasi stirred up patriotic pride among both staff and students. Their visit was even sweeter when our two old boys announced that AFC now has 3 current All Blacks, the biggest number by any school in Tonga, Pacific, and even in NZ!

Surprise visit by All Blacks Frizell & Tu'ungafasi

Mass & Induction of Prefects

Each year around this time we elect Sub-Prefects to work alongside the senior ones. They'll gradually take on a more prominent role, thereby allowing the senior students to focus more on their exam preparations.

Seen above and below are the Prefects being badged by their parents, while All Black Frizell was honored to pin the badges of a few Prefects.

Afternoon Study

This strategy began since I came to AFC. Boarding schools have the luxury of organizing afternoon, evening, and night studies. However, in a day school such as AFC we just have to make the most of whatever available time we're able to secure.

The proceedings are as follows:

3.30 PM - Light refreshments are served to the senior students

4.00 - 6 00 PM - Classes are conducted by the allocated teachers

NB: We're grateful to Mrs. Nasaleti Tausinga and the H/Economics staff for preparing the meals for the staff and students.

The teachers are paid $30 per hour. We also arranged two buses to take the students to the eastern side and one to transport the Hihifo ones. We're indeed grateful to the parents who pick up their children after this afternoon programme.

Laptop Scheme

This week, twelve Level 6 & 7 students have received their brand new Laptops from the government. This scheme was funded by the World Bank whereby the parents pay half the amount, roughly about $750. This is a big help to the students whose parents can afford such an amount.

Below is Sione Tahi with a big smile as he received his Laptop! Seen above is the signing ceremony with the colleague from the Ministry of Education.

Music Department

With the return of Sipinoti Moimoi, the quality of music has improved greatly. Together with Sitani Kisina they've made good progress within this department.

Class Awards

Another strategy to harness the use of English within the college campus is Weekly Awards. One class from each Level is nominated for a prize for the most effort to speak English, clean classrooms, and discipline. This project has been boosted by sponsorships from a few generous Business Houses such as: Cowleys LTD, Office Equipment, AA Store, etc. Malo e tokoni.

Industrial Arts

It's heartening to see even parents make it to the college on Saturdays to help out with the Industrial Arts projects of their children. Malo.

Seen above is Feini Mafi lending a helping hand to his son to complete his project.

TTI Internships

Every year we have students from the Tupou Tertiary Institute doing their Practicum here. This time round we had three final-year students. They always look forward to coming to AFC as they're treated well. This week we put on a meal to farewell them.

St. John's Block

As mentioned earlier, last Saturday we began the daunting task of fixing the ceilings of the St. John's Block. As you all know, these are the oldest classrooms at the college. Well, fortunately, some guardian angels from NZ sent two pallets of Hardy-flex, enabling us to complete one and now we move on to the next one.


Thank you very much, one and all, for your continuous prayers and support for our beloved school.

Viva AFC!


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