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College Updates: Week 10 - Term 2

Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC family.

As I type this there's pin-drop silence permeating the college premises as students attend to the last day of exams. There's already a sense of relief among staff and students as we reach the final day of exams. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Mass and general clean-up before we end Term 2. It won't be completely a break as all sporting competitions will continue during the 2-week break. This is part of the agreement and strategy by school Principals to round up all extra-curricular activities at the end of July so as to focus on preparations for the exams.

Last week 6 of our students were part of the Awards ceremony presented by the Public Service Commission at the Tanoa Hotel. These students were winners in the Film Production and Poetry categories.

The Grade 1 or U13 put on big smiles as they donned their new jerseys last week, thanks to the kind generosity of the ex-students in the USA. Two other grades also have new outfits from the same donors.

All our sporting Teams are doing exceptionally well. Our netters beat THS and Tailulu in their first outing. The soccer teams recorded 5 wins and 3 losses last week.

Our 1XV maintained their winning style after beating Liahona last week 21-17. They'll face Tonga College tomorrow. Leo Halavatau, former winning flanker for AFC and now playing in England, provided a timely boost as he visited the boys. He presented the Team with some training gears.

Our lone ambassador to the Pacific Games is Yantana 'Atoa, long distance runner, was presented with a cheque of $200 as her pocket money from the college as a gesture of appreciation and support. She'll carry the AFC flag in Australia at the Oceania Championship and then onto Samoa afterwards.

Viva AFC!


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