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College Updates: Week 10 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and Happy Marist Feast Day to all of you, Marists & AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

~ The afternoon study concluded yesterday for this Term and it will resume when we return for Term 4. On behalf of the college I'd like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Frs. Paulo and Simione and their Houma parishioners for the feeding of our students this week (photo 029). Malo e 'ofa mo e tokoni.

~ Today is the last day of Term 3. We rounded up our exams and IA's before we gathered to celebrate our Thanksgiving Mass which coincided with our Marist Feast Day even though it actually falls tomorrow. My core message was simple but as in the name Marist which comprises the first three letters of Mary's name and from the last three letters of Jesus Christ's name. Essentially, we work with and through Mary to lead people to Christ (photo 039).

~ During Mass we inducted new members to the Marian Movement at the college (photo 046). I'd like to thank Sr. Sesilia and Fr. Steven for facilitating the preparations and Induction.

~ I'd like to thank Sr. 'Akanesi and her Young Vinnies for giving a facelift to the statue of Our Lady just in front of the Hall to coincide with the Marist Feast Day (photo 052).

We are eternally grateful to 'Ana Kivalu from the US, Mr. Minoru Nishi, and other generous benefactors who kindly contributed to this project.

~ The last highlight of the day was the Passover Meal of the whole college at the Hall before we disperse (photo 057). This is a first experience and therefore highly recommended that from time to time we share meals together. Very often we are fragmented and compartmentalized, resulting in being more and more isolated. Indeed, Mary gathered her children today to share food together in peace and joy!

~ And thus concludes Term 3. We'll resume classes on the 21st of September.

Construction & Reconstruction Works:

The St. Tomasi block is now progressing to the laying of bricks for the walls. The B7 building has the rafters almost completed today (photo 022). Evidently, the Ca'Bella contractors are committed to the timeline of the contract which will see the 3 buildings completed by the end of November.


On behalf of the college may I extend to you all our sincere gratitude for the support rendered to the school this Term. We will break for a much needed breather and hopefully to return rejuvenated!

Happy Feast Day again!

Viva AFC!


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