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College Updates - Week 10, Term 4


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

This is the final week of school for the Academic Year 2020.

We had our final Mass at the St. Mary's ground then followed by the rehearsal of items for the opening of the new classrooms, followed by the 155th celebration next Tuesday. Photo 064 shows the Level 6 as they rehearse their items for the occasion.

Photo 064

Below, the brass band led by Sitani Kisina also rehearsed the 155th Anniversary song.

Programs for Tuesday:

Please find in the attachments the programs for the opening of the classrooms and our 155th anniversary celebrations. We'll announce this on the radio and also the newest Radio Station in Tonga, Letio Apifo'ou Tonga! Go AFC go!!

Final Program for WB Buildings Dec 1 2020
Download PDF • 431KB
Final Program Tau 155 Dec 1 2020
Download PDF • 473KB

You're welcome to log on to Letio Apifo'ou Tonga on Facebook and watch the rehearsal today. Out technicians, Afa and Ngutau, have done a tremendous job with the guidance of Nunu Huhane and Neka 'Aipolo, and have managed to accomplish so much in such a short time!!

New Classrooms:

You can see from photos 016, 019, and 021 the three buildings are shaping up very well indeed. The Ca'Bella contractors are working day and night to complete the work by Monday.

New Innovation:

Dr. 'Alisi Kautoke Holani is heading the Task Force mandated by the Ex-students' Executive Committee to draft a 5-Year Master Plan for the college. 'Alisi, Sakopo, Lutoviko Manu jr and myself will make up the Team. Our key task is to carry out wide consultations with parents and ex-students throughout Tonga. Once that is done, the Team, with the guidance of 'Alisi, will put together the Master Plan utilizing the Annual & Strategic Plans, plus the Roadmap for the college.

Personally, this is something that I've dreamt of for a while now, to have a Master Plan that essentially brings together all the diverse roles and responsibilities of teachers, ex-students, Catholic Office of Education, parents, benefactors, etc. and have them aligned with the Vision, Mission, and Plans of the college. If we can get that done, I have no doubt whatsoever that it is the way forward for our Catholic Education System considering the many challenges that we encounter today.

Please stay tuned to the Letio Apifo'ou and the regular updates from the college as we'll try to communicate with you all on this vital project.

We'll kick off the consultation work with the Executives of the college on Monday. Houma Parish will be on Wednesday, and then the other parishes will follow.


Our heartfelt gratitude to you all for your continuous prayers and support for our beloved Alma Mater!

Remember, Letio Apifo'ou Tonga will stream live next Tuesday!

Viva AFC!


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