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College Updates: Week 11 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

We have finally come to the end of the Academic Year 2022! Of course, the Level 6 students will embark on their exams in the coming week.

The focus of this week has been the Annual Prize Giving of the college. The event went very well as expected. The Prize-Giving Committee continued with what we started last year by honoring prominent ex-students who have excelled in their respective fields. This year we went as far back as 1947 to honour a legend of the College, the late Knight Sofele Kakala. His eldest son Fa'one was delighted to be invited to present the prizes and awards.

The Dux and most outstanding student of the year was William 'Okusitino who hails from Lapaha. He came first in 5 subjects: English, Maths, Accounting, Economics, and Physics. Hearty congrats William!

Seen above and below are the members of the Faculty in their graduation attires and the Form 7 students getting ready for the Graduation Procession.

Seen above is the Chairman of the school's Board, Mr. Frank Katoa and below are the distinguished guests with His Eminence Cardinal Mafi.

The Bishop Patelisio Finau & Knight Sofele Kakala Hall was packed with students, parents, ex-students, and friends of the college for the final event for the year.

Seen above and below is Mr. Fa'one Kakala presenting the awards to the Level 7.

Seen above are the Form 7 students singing their farewell song to the college. Seen below is the Head Boy, Fe'ao mo e Lotu garlanding the Principal with money strings!

Teachers' Function

The teachers usually have their farewell function after the Prize-Giving ceremony. There was a palpable sense of relief surrounding the event as the teachers share laughter and joy around the tanoa. There was more joy when each teacher was presented a Christmas gift of $500 each, thanks to the ex-students from Aotearoa who collected the funds from a cassava container sent to them earlier in the year.

The late Fr. 'Epokifo'ou Manu's final journey

While our focus was on the Prize Giving, we were very fortunate that Fr. 'Aisake Vaisima was around to help with the preparations of the farewell for our beloved confrere Fr. 'Epokifo'ou Manu. Our deepest gratitude goes to Fr. 'Anaua Finau and the parishioners of Kauvai for all the caterings and other chores for the funeral. Malo!

Seen above is the final procession to the cemetery led by the AFC Brass Band as they honour the late Fr. 'Epoki who is an ex-student and former teacher of the college. Seen below are the Marist confreres and friends mixing a bowl as a gesture of bidding adieu to their brother.

On a lighter note, we welcome home Fr. Lutoviko Manu who brought with him some premium Levuka powder! Certainly, he looks more relaxed after a successful final year at St. John's College, Cawaci, Fiji.


May I take this opportunity to extend to you all our heartfelt gratitude for all your prayers and support throughout this most challenging year. Towards the end of my report at the Prize Giving I shared these words with the teachers and students:

"You have survived and conquered a very challenging year. The secret is, you may encounter similar or worse crisis later in life, but you'll smile your way through them as your resilience and self-belief have been elevated to an optimum level!"

Please keep our exams' students in your prayers as they begin tomorrow their first exam paper.

Viva AFC!


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