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College Updates: Week 2 of Holiday


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

Mr. Soane Malia Kauhalaniua Jr

While the Marists and Apifo'ou Family in both Tonga and abroad mourn the passing of the late Fr. Seluini 'Akau'ola SM, another son of 'Apifo'ou, Mr. Soane Malia Kauhalaniua Jr passed away over the weekend in NZ. According to the family, the late Soane Malia was admitted to the hospital with cancer of the kidneys.

The late Mr. Soane Malia Kauhalaniua Jr started teaching at Apifo'ou in 1993. In 2004 - 2008 he was promoted to the post of Deputy Principal. His parents Mr. Soane & Mrs Laite Kauhalaniua have informed us that the funeral service will be held on this coming Thursday in New Zealand. The Apifo'ou Family will visit the family this evening.

But already on Sunday morning, our Marist community went over to Ha'avakatolo to convey our heartfelt sympathy to Soane & Laite at their family home (photo below).

Brief Update on the funeral of the late Fr. Seluini 'Akau'ola SM

After meeting Makeleta this morning, Fr. Seluini's sister, there have been a few changes to the designated day of arrival. It's now confirmed that the body will arrive next Tuesday, December 14, in Tonga via Air New Zealand.

Once it arrives at Fua'amotu Airport, the body will be escorted to the mortuary at Vaiola hospital. It will remain there until Saturday morning, and will then follow the planned line up of activities mentioned in my previous update. Around 7 am that Saturday, the body of the late Fr. Seluini will be taken to his family home and he'll spend two hours there with his mother and the family. Around 9 am the hearse will leave for the Basilica where the Requiem Mass is scheduled to begin at 10 am.

Meanwhile, the preparations for his burial are on track. The Marist family including the Rugby boys have completed the digging and making of the grave.

Fundraising for the College Chapel

The ex-students of Fasi mo e Afi Communio held their fundraising last night. It was very affirming to witness the good spirit among them as they donated about $70,000 to the cause. The Nuku'alofa ex-students will have their concert this Friday.

Agriculture Project

The harvesting of the college cassavas is put on hold as we focus on our two funerals at hand. Perhaps they might be over-matured by the time we harvest.


Please accept our sincerest gratitude for your generous contribution and support during this difficult passage of our journey.

Viva AFC!


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