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College Updates: Week 2 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family! With the threat from COVID-19 still looming large in many countries, I pray and trust that you're all safe and well with your respective families.


This is the 2nd week of classes and all schools are urged to push on with the coverage and syllabus as we're still free from the corona-virus.

A major setback for the college is that three of the newly recruited teachers have left us for a better pay package elsewhere! Two new teachers have joined this week and hopefully they'll stay a bit longer! That means we have 59 teachers in total and still in need of more teachers, at least 10 more to ascertain quality teaching ratios.

Cleanup campaign:

The whole school did a cleanup campaign last Friday to ensure that all debris left behind by cyclone Harold are stored away into rubbish dumps (photo 004). The rugby pitches along with the fence towards the Gas Depot, the sea water that was brought ashore in abundance by Harold sprayed the grasses and bushes like weed-killers! They'll be brown in color for quite some time yet.

Ongoing construction & repair works:

The Leo group are getting ready to do the flooring of the labs (photo 015). The plan is to elevate the floor by 12 cm to avoid flooding. The Science Department are really concerned with the slowness of the work as it was supposed to have been completed already. Part of the delay of course is due to the lockdown.

I've encouraged the HOD Science to improvise their labs/experiments to avoid getting too laid back with their IA's.

The Ca'Bella contractors have completed the roofs of the 3 new classrooms (photo 019). They're now finishing the plaster and interior of the classrooms.

Photo 020 is a view from the front gate and you can notice the two new buildings (3 new classrooms & Science labs) shaping up as well.

They have cemented the beams for the two new classrooms at the northern side of the St. Mary's Admin block.

Water purification:

Thanks to the prompt response from NEMO (National Emergency Management Office), all our drinking water tanks (15) at the college are now purified. It's great to see that local companies can do such important tasks: draining out water, purifying process, clean out those tanks, and refilling them (photo 034).

Updates on COVID-19:

Renewal and extension of travel restrictions continue locally and internationally. Social distancing has been toned down from 'compliance' to 'promotion' which simply means that we need to continue observing certain boundaries as far as mass gathering is concerned.


Please continue to pray for our beloved school, Apifo'ou College as we approach our Feast Day on the 28th of this month. We were supposed to mark the 155th Anniversary of the college with a School Mass. However, due to the restrictions within this lockdown period we're unable to do that. But be not afraid, there will be a special Mass celebrated later on to mark this milestone of our beloved Alma Mater!

Viva AFC!


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