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College Updates: Week 2 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

The sports fever is over! This is the second week of the second Term and we're back to business as usual. The focus for this week is the ongoing efforts to cover the syllabus. At the same time the college is preparing to celebrate the 158th Anniversary of the college this weekend. The Executives Committee met yesterday and decided to have only one day of celebration since there will be no AGM. The program will be presented in this update.

Teachers' Retreat

The students had a well-deserved break on Monday. However, this provided the opportunity for the teachers to spend the day at Lilo 'i Tafa'anga, Veitongo. This program is part of the recommendations from the recent Synod to find ways to empower the staff as part of their professional and spiritual development. We were very fortunate to secure the service of Dr. Leonaitasi Hoponoa who has lots of experience and skills in this field to guide us in this exercise.

Thanksgiving Mass & Medals Presentation

Last Sunday we had the Thanksgiving Mass for the Athletic Squad. The parents of the athletes plus some ex-students joined us for this joyful occasion. This was followed by a shared luncheon.

We're indeed grateful to the Alumni Esto Fidelis 84 who sponsored the cash donations to the Gold medalists, $50 per medal. The Silver medal winners received $40 each, Bronze got $30, and the rest of the athletes received $20 each. This small incentive is only a token of our heartfelt appreciation for their dedication.

The Eucharist and Reconciliation played a vital role in the preparations of the athletes and also at the end. It's part of imparting discipline and sense of holiness which help them to focus and give their all.

It's always a moving scene to see parents congratulating their children, with or without medals! Seen below is Sela, the widow of the late Pilikimi He Lotu blew the candles for the Principal's birthday, and flanked by the Open Grade athletes.

The first lots of medals were the Gold medal winners. Seen below is the Blue Ribbon star of the senior grade, Lolesio Sailosi.

Seen below is the star of the Open Grade, Yantama Atoa, who won four Golds.

The coaches and ex-students were also acknowledged for their hard-work. These two gentlemen are no strangers as ex-students, Talatala Po'oi and Kuli Kivalu. They were stars and gold medalists in their time here at the college.

Seen below is the hard-working Chef who looked after the meals for the athletes, Mrs. 'Oli 'Anitoni. Malo e si'i fakahoko fatongia ma'ae fanau!

158th Anniversary of 'Apifo'ou

We'll celebrate tomorrow the 158th Anniversary of the college since its inception in 1865. The program starts at 9 AM with the Mass at the Cathedral. This will be followed by the March to Apifo'ou and then the Choir competition with the collecting of Levies from the ex-students.

Seen above is the School's Choir rehearsing their song for tomorrow. However, the rest of the choirs throughout the parishes are equally prepared to compete! Seen below are the Cathedral parish choir putting the final touches to their item.

Seen below is the Lalo Kasia Apifo'ou Club fine-tuning their song as well.

Surprised Visitors

A recent addition to the Rugby Hall of Fame in the United States is none other than our one and only Vaea Naufahu 'Anitoni. Well, it was such a pleasant surprise that he walked into the Office this morning. Such joy to meet up with ex-students & friends.

As seen below, also dropping in at the office were executives from the AFC Ex-Students in Aotearoa, Solomone Sakalia and Viliami Lavaka. Malo e manatu'ofa.


Thank you very much once again for all your prayers and support for the college. We look forward for tomorrow as we gather to celebrate our 158th Anniversary.

Viva AFC!


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