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College Updates: Week 2 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

This is the second week of the 3rd Term. The focus is on coverage of the syllabus. Meanwhile, some of the exams' Forms are trying to complete their IA's. The Tongan Drama students performed theirs on Wednesday.

Looking at the photos you can tell how much efforts the staff and students put into these tasks. We're grateful that the guru Mrs. Vika Matekitonga is still guiding them.

Quiz, Zumba, & Poem

As part of the activities to mark the Treasury Week, three Teams from AFC participated in the Zumba & Poems competitions for Levels 3 & 4. The Quiz Team is from Level 6. Our students did very well considering there was only a week of preparations. Well, the highlight for AFC was the victory by our Quiz Team in the final as they beat Tonga High School.

The Quiz questions were based on information and data gathered by the students when they went on a tour of the various booths of the Ministry of Finance. This is a fine learning curve for the students in their ability to absorb these information in such a short span of time.

On the Quiz Teams, there were two Teams of four. One played in the semis and won against 'Atele, while the other won the final against Tonga High School, 10-8.

An interesting development happened in the other semis between Tailulu and THS. Tailulu won but then THS launched a complaint and unfortunately, Tailulu bowed out much to the displeasure of the audience. As a result, Tailulu was very vocal in their support for our Quiz Team!

Below is our Quiz Team posing with the THS Quiz Team at the end of the competition.

Seen below is ours posing with the Tailulu Quiz Team who didn't want to be left out of the victory photo! Frankly, these students have stepped up to another level just by participating. Mighty congrats to Team Apifo'ou!


Our various sporting Teams continue last week with their respective competitions. Once again, our Soccer and Netball teams are doing well. Our rugby teams, on the other hand, are struggling along. The Senior 1XV in particular is falling further down with a loss to THS last week, 10 - 17.

Despite the losses by our rugby Teams, the feedings continue by die-hard Alumni Groups. Below are the Grade 3's & 4's being treated to a special feed by our 1997 - 2003 Alumni Groups. Malo e 'ofa!


Our Volunteer Project is shifting into a higher gear! Quite a few ex-students who are experts in different fields of education have put up their hands to be part of the program. The gist of the project is to connect with a student(s) at AFC who needs extra help. The mode of communication is through the internet: email, zoom, etc.

There is now a 'Volunteer Contact Form' on our college website (click on 'Volunteers') which you can fill in should you wish to be part of the program. There you will also find a brief explanation of the project by Mrs. Unaloto Lolohea who is the overall Coordinator. She'll be delighted should you wish to make contact.

Interim Prefects

At Mass today we blessed 50 new Prefects from the Level 4 to be interim or sub-Prefects. They'll assist the existing ones but gradually it is to allow the latter to focus more on their exams preparations.

As seen below, it was also very encouraging to see the strong presence of parents today to help with badging of the new Prefects.


I had a surprised call from the King's Palace Office last Friday to present myself there by 2PM. I had to leave early from the Halaano ground as I was watching our Senior 1XV playing against THS.

Anyway, much to my shock, my name was called to receive the first medal! I was also delighted to hear the name of a fellow Marist, Fr. Seluini 'Akau'ola SM, being called forth as another recipient of the honorary medal.

I was flabbergasted to say the least but at the same time humbled by the award. Gradually, it dawned on me that this medal is for Apifo'ou as we celebrated the 155th anniversary of the college last year. His Majesty was delighted to know that AFC, with a roll of 1400 in 2019, all took part in Cadet Training. The medal is also for the recognition of the selfless service of the Marists in Tonga & Fiji, of which I am a part.

I've announced at the assembly today that this medal is for us all, Apifo'ou Family!

Viva AFC!


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