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College Updates: Week 2 - Term 3

Greetings Your Eminence and AFC Family,

The Mid-Year exams were sat successfully and we're hoping to give out the students' reports by Tuesday next week.

The building up to the semifinal for the 1XV met a slight hiccup as they lost their best line-out jumper during the game against Eua High last week. Nonetheless, like the saying, the loss for one is a gain for another! Thus we have one to replace Owen Fakatava (p 047). I'm appealing to ex-students, parents, and all Catholics to come and cheer for the boys as they take on Toloa tomorrow. These two teams have yet to lose but since they're in the same pool they have meet in the semis.

Last week we had an unfortunate event as our Math teacher from Fiji, Mr. Iosefo Waibuta had a minor stroke. We had to fly his wife from Nadi and you can see from the photo, Mr. Sefo looks well all of a sudden as his beloved wife arrived (p. 055). The support for Sefo from the local Kaiviti and ex-students have been overwhelming. We had a 'gunusede' at the Father's House at the college (p 041) to help with the cost of travels and associated needs of Mr. Waibuta.

Last Friday, the School Advisory Board (SAB) was called, consecrated, and commissioned by His Eminence during the college Mass. This is an integral part of the Road-map for the college, to establish an Advisory Board in order to assist the Principal and administration in the running of the college (p 043).

I had to call on a classmate and personal friend from our 75 alumni, Mr. Silivesiteli 'Aloua to help with the completion of the two new toilet blocks (050, 051). It has taken much longer than anticipated due to bad weather and the tight programs for the TVET staff and students.

Remember once again our request for anyone who is available tomorrow to come and cheer for the Grade 5 and Senior 1XV, both playing at Halaano.

Viva AFC!


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