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College Updates: Week 2 - Term 4


Warm greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

~ This is the 2nd week of Term 4 and we're rounding up our revision and remedial as we embark on our Final Exams in the next two weeks.

~ Interim Prefects: At the celebration of the Eucharist today we inducted 40 Interim Prefects (photo 016). It's wonderful to see parental support as they were present to do the honors in pinning up the badges (photo 011).

World Teachers Day (WTD) 2020:

Tomorrow is WTD and due to the restrictions from COVID-19 the celebrations will be carried out by systems respectively. Hence, all Catholic Teachers from Pre-school to Technical Institutes will gather at the Lapaha St. Michael Church for Mass which will be presided over by Cardinal Mafi. After which there'll be an organized march to Takuilau College for the second part of the program. We're all looking forward to this as most of the celebrations are done in town and at Ma'ufanga.

The Head Girl and a few students came to my office to garland the Principal and presented gifts on behalf of the students to mark WTD (photo 004).

Ongoing construction works:

~ The construction works by Ca'Bella are progressing well. The B5 repaired classrooms are more or less ready for roofing (photo 001). B4 & B7 are equally shaping up as well.

~ The St. Mary's chapel is brightening up, with the repair works progressing well at both the interior and exterior (photos 001 & 005). The contractors reckon that they'll complete the work by next week.


Once again, we're eternally grateful for all the support rendered to the college. Please continue to pray for our students as they'll begin their exams next week.

Viva AFC!


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