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College Updates: Week 3 - Term 1

Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Opening Mass & Prefects' Induction:

Last Friday we had our college opening Mass presided by Fr. Paulo 'Amato, parish priest of Houma. This is one of the strategies to get the parish priests to be more involved with the college. Indeed, he was delighted and shared with the students that since he left AFC in the 1960's this is his first time to celebrate Mass at Apifo'ou! The Head Prefect for the boys is Pouono Vea of Folaha/Ma'ufanga, Deputy is Sosefo Pasoni of Vaini/Ma'ufanga. The Head Girl is Julienne Mafi of Houma. assisted by Leinola Naitoko of Tongata'eapa. We started last year to request that parents of the students should do the honors of badging their sons/daughters after the priest had blessed the badges. We do the same this year and we believe it's more meaningful to involve the parents in such a ceremony. On the following day, we had a Reflection Day with the Prefects at Houma, as we ground their leadership skills on the charism and characteristics of Marist Spirituality. Our heartfelt gratitude to the Parish Priest and parishioners of Houma for catering for the students and providing a welcoming atmosphere. Malo e 'ofa!

Construction & Reconstruction Works:

The ongoing construction and reconstruction works on the new classrooms and Science Labs are continuing unabated. The CaBella contractors laid the foundation for the first 3 new classrooms last week. Meanwhile, the Leo Group is committing themselves to completing the labs within a month's time at the latest.

Inter-House Sports:

The 12 Houses have started their preparations for the Inter-House sports' competitions this Thursday and Friday. The long-standing tradition of great rivalries between the different houses will again be witnessed this week.

I've reminded the teachers to maintain integrity in their conduct as I've heard of teachers in previous years who had armed themselves with the die-hard attitude of 'win at all cost'!!

I've also reminded the students that since we are marking our 155th Anniversary this year, we're aiming to win this year in both athletics and rugby!

Viva AFC!


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