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College Updates: Week 3 - Term 1

Greetings Your Eminence and 'Apifo'ou Family!

The college had its first Mass as a school last Friday. This was a significant event as we had the induction of our 54 Prefects and also the blessing of our two new classrooms. During Mass the Prefects synchronically recited their pledge. This was followed by the whole school together with the parents and ex-students, all reciting their pledge which signifies our total commitment to 'Apifo'ou College for 2019.

It was quite moving as parents of the Prefects did the honors of badging their sons and daughters, apart from the top 4 which was done by the main celebrant, Fr. Chris Hifo sm.

After the recessional hymn the whole college and parents/ex-students marched and congregated in front of the two new classrooms. Fr. Chris Hifo sm then blessed and sprinkled the 4 classrooms with Holy Water.

On Saturday, I facilitated a Reflection Day for the Prefects. I'm grateful to Fr. Mateo, PP of Pea, for allowing us to use the Church and Hall at Tofoa, a secluded spot amidst the hustle and bustle of Nuku'alofa. We're eternally grateful to the Pulengaues of Pea and Tofoa for their generous support in preparing the meals.

As I type this, there's a strong wind and heavy downpours outside. However, the 'Apifo'ou spirit seems to be soaring at this moment and nothing can stop us now, not even a tsunami!!

Viva AFC!


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