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College Updates: Week 3 - Term 1


Greetings your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

Two important events take place at the college this week. The first is the beginning of the Lenten Journey for 2023. The second is the 3rd Synod of the Diocese on Education which will take place at the Bishop Patelisio Finau and Knight Sir Sofele Kakala Hall on Friday and ends on Sunday. The Opening Mass will be celebrated tonight at the Cathedral even though the Preliminary Session was held last night at the Basilica of St. Anthony of Padua. This Synod of the Diocese, which will focus on Education, is a timely one as we need to address some of the key components that make the Catholic Education unique. Our prayers and hope therefore is that all the Synod members may be guided by the Holy Spirit and the intercession of our Blessed Mother.

Ash Wednesday Mass

On Wednesday the college celebrated the Mass of Ash Wednesday. The theme of the Holy Father, Pope Francis, was shared with the teachers and students. 'Lenten Penance and Synodal Journey' highlights the importance of working together as pilgrims on a journey. The theme of synodality is well timed as we begin tomorrow the Synod of the Diocese.

Synod Preparations

The whole school spent a fair bit of time doing cleaning ups inside and outside the Hall. While the Maintenance Crew focused on repairs, paintings, and plumbing jobs, the rest of the school focused on cleaning the lawns and weeds. Unfortunately, the weather hasn't been favourable since the past weeks. There are lots of swampy areas around the school. However, we were able to clean up most of the areas that we needed to do prior to the Synod tomorrow. I'm indeed grateful to the staff and students for their generosity and combined efforts to carry out this important task. Evidently, pools of water and overgrown weeds failed to dampen the morale!

The VIP Bathroom inside the Hall looks as good as new with the fresh paint!

School's Participation in the Synod

It's wonderful that the Synod Committee has decided to include some of the schools in the Synod by way of leading the prayers and provide some entertainments during meal times. Well, last night the St. Francis of Assisi awed the Synod members with some colourful singing and dancing.

Seen above and below are the students from AFC who have selected to lead the Opening Prayer at the Synod tomorrow.


Thank you very much for your kind thoughts and prayers for the college. The teachers and students have committed themselves to stay the course for this year.

Viva AFC!


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