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College Updates: Week 3 - Term 1


Lenten Greetings to Your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family! Apifo'ou College joined the Universal Church and Christians worldwide in celebrating Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of the Lenten Season for 2024.

Admin Briefs

The Apifo'ou Family here in Tonga celebrated the Ash Wednesday Mass at the Hall. Quite a few families, ex-students and friends of the college joined us for the celebration of the Eucharist and administering of the ashes.

The Theme for this year's Lenten Season has been given by the Pope. The Holy Father has invited all Catholics and Christians to follow the Lord's journey into the desert, just like the Israelites who were led into the desert. Certainly, the journey will be tough as we'll encounter many hardships and temptations, but in the end we'll experience a certain freedom from worldly glories and be intimately closer to God.

Form 7 Retreat

Following in the footsteps of our Lord, who was led by the Holy Spirit into the desert, our Form 7 students left for Lilo 'i Tafa'anga at Veitongo for their Retreat. This program was facilitated by Dr. Leo Hoponoa, with the help of the two Coordinators, Mele Leakona and Viliami Fuapau. The theme was "Paving a New Pathway" (Tofa ha Hala Fononga Fo'ou).

School Assembly

This week our Form 7 led the school assembly, then the Eucharist, and finally their Retreat at Veitongo. It was a good orientation before they begin classes next week.

Seen below is the CEO of the PSC, our very own Dorina Afeaki Kioa, addressing the school about the diverse services rendered by the PSC. She was Head Girl in 1987.

MAFF Tree Planting

The Ministry of Agriculture spent two days at the college, helping to plan and plant trees. Most of the trees planted were sandalwood and coconut. This is a wonderful project as it is a continuation of our 'Botanical Garden Project' at Apifo'ou.

The good thing about this project is that our students are involved in the planting.


A team of Officers are joining Apifo'ou for the 'No Plastic Campaign'. A good friend of mine from Fiji, Mr. Fe'iloakitau, brought his colleagues for the first consultation process. This project will be good for our staff and students, as it raises awareness among them of the urgent need for a cleaner and safer environment.

AFC is pledging our support to this project by looking after the foreshores & seafronts from the junction to Queen Salote Wharf to the Swimming Pool Cafe. This will be good for our staff and students to own that sense of national pride and thus extend our clean environment campaign from the college to nearby surroundings.

Athletics Squad

The school's Athletics Squad have begun their campaign with the goal of winning the national competition this year. It's wonderful to see also the support from ex-students at this early stage of the training. The family of 'Isapela Hopoi from Fasi provided the refreshments for the athletes yesterday. Malo fau e 'ofa.

Milika Taupeamuhu

We congratulate Milika for her selection into the Oceania AFL Female Team to play in the Gold Coast. She was selected after an AFL Tournament in Fiji last December.

Nuku'alofa PTA

Last night the PTA gathered at the Conference Room of the Basilica for their PTA Meeting. It was wonderful to see the good turnout from parents and students. They have expressed their hopes and aspirations for their sons and daughters, nothing but the best! They've also pledged their support to work collaboratively with the teachers to ensure quality teaching and learning both in and out of the classrooms.

Mr. Mitieli Lotawa's Farewell

As always, it's a sad experience whenever we farewell a colleague. This time round it's one of our Kai Viti colleagues, Mr. Lotawa. He joined us four years ago after he was redundant from the Palu Aviation as an engineer. He taught Physics in Form 6. Ni sa moce kai, vinaka saka vakalevu na gumatua kei na veitokoni!

Seen below is HOD Science, Mrs. Makalita 'Otumuli delivering a vote of thanks to Miti.

AFC Agriculture Project

Lots of people have complained about the recent heavy downpours here in Tonga. But it's all in the way you look at it, for it was a blessing for our Cassava plantation!

Zumba at Apifo'ou

The Bishop Patelisio Finau and Knight Sofele Kakala Hall is becoming very popular as a Health Promoting Center through the hosting of regular physical exercises. The Zumba sessions are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 5.30 AM. It was indeed an honour to have the Patroness of Tonga's Catholic Schools, Her Royal Highness Princess Latufuipeka, gracing the Hall and joining the fun Zumba sessions.


We're filled with gratitude for the many blessings that we've received so far at the beginning of this Lenten Season 2024. May we enter into the desert-like experiences of this Lenten journey with an open heart, thus allowing the guidance of the Holy Spirit to take effect in our lives. May we all have a grace-filled Lenten journey!

Viva AFC!


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