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College Updates: Week 3 - Term 3


Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

~ Today, 24th of July, was dedicated to the distribution of the Mid-Year Reports. The program started off with the Mass at 9 AM (photo 054) which was led by Fr. 'Ofa Vaihu. After a short break, then parents accompanied their children to their respective Home Room where the teachers gave them their reports. Meanwhile all subject teachers were scattered along the veranda and corridors so that parents can approach them should they wish to follow up on any issues from the reports. The rest of the photos were taken from the events of today. It was truly heartening to see the huge turnout of parents and guardians today. Indeed, both parents and teachers mutually benefit from today's arrangements.

Official Hanover and Opening of New Classrooms:

~ The Construction Committee is busy now with final preparations for the official hand-over and opening of the new classrooms. The final program is more or less set. Invitation cards have been sent to marked dignitaries. The ceremony will be held next Wednesday and it will be covered in the next update.


The occasion today is pivotal as it allows teachers to focus on their coverage. May I take this opportunity to thank you all for your continuous support for our Alma Mater and beloved school, 'Apifo'ou College.

Viva AFC!


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