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College Updates: Week 3 - Term 3

Greetings Your Eminence and AFC Family!

This is week 3 of Term 3 and we're well beyond the half-way mark for

this academic year. The sporting commitments for the college are also

rounding up. All our rugby teams bowed out last week in the semis! I

suppose the most disappointing result is our 1XV who was expected to

give Toloa a good run for their money. My two penny's view is that we

lost the game in the first quarter! Our boys were shocked when Toloa

scored in the opening 5 minutes of the game and they never recovered

from there. They then started to commit many unforced errors and of

course they paid heavily for that. I talked to the boys after the game

and reminded them that our campaign is beyond this year. We're laying

a solid foundation for next year when the college turns 155. We still

take lots of positives from the game. There were patches of play

during the game which led to their try and convinced the boys that

they could have won the game had they stuck to their game plan. We'll

work hard on the mental preparations for the boys as it was obvious

that's an area that went begging on the day! You can see from the

photo after the game how devastating the boys felt, all heads were

downcast. But rest assured AFC will rise from this and will fight again!

Our soccer and netball teams will continue their games this week.

As mentioned in earlier updates, the college is blessed with

ex-students who're experts in their own fields and are taking time to

come and help in the teaching and professional development of our

teachers. Ms. Shannon Nuku (p 022) is a niece of Sr. Fehi who served at

the college clinic for some years. She'll be here for a few weeks and

appears to be enjoying the service at the clinic and also co-teach

with some of the teachers. Ms. Christina Tu'uhetoka (028) was here

recently for the funeral of her late grandpa Mr. 'Aisea Lolesio. She

has offered to return in October to help with preparing the students

for the exams. She's currently doing her PhD in the 'Philosophy of

Teaching'. Dr. Stan Manu and his son Sepa are enjoying their stint at

AFC. Sepa is in Form 1 and he appears to be struggling initially due

to the new environment and the size of the class that he's in, but

hopefully he'll adapt soon. Stan's arrival is a blessing as we lose

Mr. Waibuta from Fiji due to sickness.

Today at lunch time a group of young ladies arrived at the college to

present their donations to the college. These are the Alumni 2005 -

2006 who call themselves "Lalo Kasia". They presented $1000 Pa'anga

to the school. The Form 7 were at hand to receive this generous gift on

behalf of the college. Malo fau e 'ofa mo e manatu ki hotau 'apiako


Viva AFC!


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