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College Updates: Week 3 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family! May I extend a blessed Feast Day to all our Diocesan Clergy as they celebrated St. John Vianney, their Patron. May his simple lifestyle and deep spirituality inspire us all!

Admin Briefs

This is the 3rd week of Term 3 and it's more or less the last week for our sporting commitments. We're very grateful indeed to all our students who committed themselves to representing the college in Rugby, Netball, and Football. The girls U16 & U19 began their 7's Rugby Tournament yesterday. It's heartening to see lots of enthusiasm among the girls to play this form of rugby.

Senior 1XV Rugby

Yesterday, our 1XV played in the semifinal against Tupou College. These two have shared lots of winning Trophies and whenever they meet it's champagne rugby as it were! Our gladiators played their hearts out but fell short in the end and went down 17-22 to Toloa. Our 1XV will play off for 3rd and 4th place next week against Liahona. We salute our senior boys for their continuing commitment and sacrifice!

Girls' Rugby

The U16 girls who played rugby league earlier are now representing the college, this time round it's rugby 7s.

School Mass

Fr. Valu Siua sm celebrated his first school Mass yesterday. We continue to cherish our weekly Eucharist which nourishes and empowers us to dedicate ourselves to the college, each at his or her own level or form of commitment.

Agriculture Science

One of the tasks that Agriculture Science students look forward to each year is the castration of pigs. This exercise is assessed by officers from the Ministry which is part of the IA's. Seen below are the students at work under inspection.

Distribution of Reports

The distribution of students' Reports after the Mid-Year exams was held on Monday. It was encouraging to witness parents attending this vital activity. This is one of those rare opportunities where parents are able to have a one to one dialogue with the teachers. This exercise is very important so that teachers, parents, and students are on the same page as far as the student's progress is concerned.

PTA Association

The Parents and Teachers Association continue to work collaboratively to assist the school with the needs of the students especially for the Level 6.

The PTA Chairperson, Malia Lita, and her Alumni Group have moved to another level of support. They have organized Science teachers to help the staff and students. These are our own ex-students who are teaching in others schools. They prepare BBQ's for the teachers and no wonder the teachers are smiling and willing!

Teachers' Shared Lunch

The teachers eagerly look forward to the shared lunch at the end of the week. It's a wonderful opportunity to share stories and experiences of the week. Yesterday's lunch coincided with the birthday of Fr. Steven Lugabai sm.

Christchurch Bound!

Our Deputy Principal Curriculum, Mrs. Tu'ukaunga Taulua, flew out on Thursday evening to Christchurch. She'll be attached to our Sister School, St. Bede's College, as part of the exchange programs between the two colleges. This will be very beneficial to Mrs. Taulua before returning at the end of next week to continue her work here. Mrs. Taulua is in maroon color on the right in the photo below. Have a safe trip! Briefly, St. Bede's College is donating books, computers, sporting items, furniture to our college. Sr. Monika & 'Isitokia are organizing this activity from there.

Visitors this week

Two separate groups visited the college this week. Firstly, our Chinese friend Mr. David Wu. This was the generous gentleman who donated 10K face masks last year. Well, this time round he brought along another friend Mr. Jallen, a Chinese, who manufacture biscuits in PNG. They brought enough packets for all the teachers and students! Fr. Steven was particularly happy take home his carton of PNG biscuits.

Seen below are three Japanese gentlemen visiting the college this week in search of recruits to work at Tokyo's International Narita Airport. I just hope our teachers won't be running away to Japan as this recruitment process is rather attractive.


May I extend to you all once again our sincere gratitude for your prayers and support for our beloved college.

May the Good Lord through the powerful intercession of our Blessed Mother bless you all ever more abundantly!

Viva AFC!


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