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College Updates: Week 3 - Term 4

Greetings Your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!


- This is the 3rd week of Term 4 and today the Forms 5’s and 6’s began their annual and final exams. Class 7 to Form 4 as well as Form 7 continue with their revision and remedial.

- The afternoon classes for the exam Forms are temporarily on halt and await further dispositions depending on the needs of our students prior to embarking on the external exams which will begin on Tuesday, 6th of November.

- It is very heartening to witness the support of ex-students and parents toward the afternoon studies. Maletino Hola, who ended his contract with USP last year, has been helping out with our Physics and Computer classes. Other ex-students are assisting the Accounting and Economics classes. The Pea parish catered for the refreshments before the students returned to the class for their afternoon classes.

Extra-curricular activities

- Our students who represented the country in diverse sports overseas have returned. Our swimmers were successful as they won a few medals and have also acquired new personal best times. Our rugby boys and badminton crew didn’t do too well but the exposure is a victory in itself.

- One of our swimmers, Finau Ohuafi, was the most successful athlete and has become part of the Squad for the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires. He had just returned from Japan after completing a 3-week training there which benefited him immensely as far as his preparation is concerned.

Re-construction Works

- The first phase of the reconstruction works is now complete. This was in line with the agreement between the Reconstruction Committee and LEO Group Construction. Four buildings were involved in this phase:

1. School Hall – damaged roof section: $50,200

2. St. John Building – damaged roof section: $34,762.20

3. Form 6 Building – damaged ceiling verandah: $37,950

4. St. Mary Campus Toilet Block – damaged building: $68,310

Total amount: $191,242.70

- The rest of the damaged buildings awaits the decision of the World Bank as the funds will come from them. According to the Committee, the works may commence before the academic year ends. From the school’s side, we keep our fingers crossed that the works may begin soon enough and hopefully completed before the new school year begins.

- Repair of fences: Our maintenance crew have done a wonderful job in repairing the fences around the school. This will certainly help to stop people climbing over it and will also prevent truants from trying to go through the fence!

Parents Outreach

- I continue to reach out to parents with a view to work collaboratively with them as they are key stakeholders. I’m focusing on the parish of Pea this time round. I’ve celebrated Masses at Veitongo and Pea in the past 2 Sundays and met with the parents after Mass. Before that I did Masses and meetings at Houmakelikao, Popua, and Halaleva. I’ve been amazed at the big turn-outs to these sessions, a clear sign that parents are interested in the education of their children. I’ll complete the Pea parish with Mass and meeting at Tofoa this coming Sunday.

News in brief:

• There was an unfortunate incident on Sunday afternoon at Ha’ateiho which saw the family house of the Halahingano’s reduced to ashes (photo). Luckily, no one was inside the house at the time. This family has two daughters at our school. The eldest daughter still came and sat the exams yesterday, after which I praised her for braving her emotions. I acted spontaneously and donated $1,000 from the school to ease off initially their pain and desperation. The school will hold a ‘Kasia Day’ (mufti-day) and collect more money for the family after the exams.

- Should anyone wishes to donate money or kind to the family, please use the school’s account and we’ll make sure the family gets it.

• World Teachers Day (WTD): Last Friday all teachers in the kingdom gathered at the Tailulu College Hall to mark WTD. Our teachers showed off their colorful attires with the school’s badge standing out! (photo).

Fiji Day celebrations!

- The Makare Band from Fiji awed the crowds with their sensational music and grooves at the Tanoa Hotel last Saturday and tomorrow at our school’s Hall.

Reminder: Please if any individual, group, or alumni wishes to sponsor prizes for the upcoming school’s Annual Prize-Giving on the 30th of November, do let me know.


In this month of the rosary we humbly seek your prayerful support for the exams and in general for this final Term of the year. It is often referred to as the toughest term because as soon as exams finish students switch to a ‘no-care-mode’ of thinking and actions. That’s why we’re planning to host a school concert after the exams thus utilizing the last 2 weeks for preparations which will occupy the students and keep them focus.

Viva ‘Apifo’ou College!


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