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College Updates: Week 3 - Term 4


Warm greetings to your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

This is the third week of the final Term which was taken up by the preparations for the National Tsunami Evacuation Drills. Two Catholic Institutions were selected to pilot this awareness program due to the vulnerability of their locations. 'Ahopanilolo Technical Institute and 'Apifo'ou College were tasked with this important exercise.

At the same time the focus at the college was the final exams for Level 6 which ended on Thursday. During the month of the Rosary the students at the St. Mary's campus took turn to lead their daily rosaries as the first thing in the morning. Thus the newly blessed Shrine of Our Lady was in perfect timing for the occasion!

Level 6 Exams

The Form 6 students wrapped up their final exams for the year on Thursday. There have been renewed commitments from the staff, students, ex-students and parents to help these senior students prepare well for their exams. We're optimistic that there might be better outcomes this time round for their collective efforts.

National Tsunami Evacuation Drills

There was a series of workshops and meetings conducted by the National Disaster Risk Management Office (NDRMO) for both ATI & AFC to prepare us well for this special event on Friday at 2 PM.

As seen above, the NDRMO Committee members were on TV and radio to outline the final stages of the preparations for this national event.

Seen here was the unveiling of the new Sign Board at the college. The Chief Guests were the Secretary from the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR), Ms. Mami Mizutori, and none other than our very own ex-student and Honorable Minister for Infrastructure, Mr. Seventeen Toumo'ua.

The students had to walk to Sia'atevolo, the evacuation site, accompanied by their teachers.

Once the teachers and students arrived at the site, they then conducted a Roll Call or headcount as part of the drills.

Seen below is Ms. Mizutori delivering her keynote address.

The day's program was concluded in the usual professional manner with a debrief session. Most if not all gave full praise to 'Ahopanilolo & 'Apifo'ou for playing their parts quite well. I now hope they'll deliver the Emergency Truck that we requested!

Mrs. Saane Paletu'a

On Friday we bid farewell to one of our young but most dedicated teachers, Mrs. Saane Paletu'a. She has been with us for about 20 years and is one of the hard-working teachers. Her family will migrate to NZ after getting an opportunity from winning a lottery! Malo e ngaue lahi Saane & Godspeed on your journey to Aotearoa

Ex-students Executive Committee

This Committee has been meeting regularly over the past months to discuss the best way forward for the building of the Chapel at the College. It's very affirming to see Committee Members with representatives from the various Parishes putting their heads and hearts together for this long-awaited project.

Seen here above and below are the Executive Committee Members with the Manager for the Cabella Construction Company after the signing of the Contract to draw up the Architectural Design/Map for the New Chapel at the college.

Seen here are the Executive Members during their deliberations.

Pictorials from the Fiji Day Celebrations held here at the college. Go Fiji Go!


Our profound gratitude goes out to you all for your prayers and support for the college in these past days and for special events held here at the college.

Please keep our Levels 1 - 5 in your prayers as they'll begin their final exams on Monday.

Viva AFC!


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