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College Updates: Week 4 - Term 1

Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Enrollment & Registration:

The office staff are rounding up the Enrollment & registration of the students. As mentioned in previous updates, we had anticipated a decrease in the school's roll but as of now it looks to maintain the roll from last year and maybe even bigger!

Our Four Athletes in China:

For your information, four of our students are among the athletes that went to China, two for swimming and two for table tennis. We've been following closely the circumstances surrounding the athletes in China and we're very grateful that they've made it to England and hopefully they'll be on their way home soon.

Staffing for 2020:

Here attached is the Staffing for 2020. Surely, you'll be happy to know that the likes of Fololeni, Vika, Sina, Ha'amonga, Tevita Lea'aetoa, Makalita Kiutau, Folau Pofaiva, etc. are still alive and kicking!!

Our core staff are around 57 and frankly, we still need a few more, especially in the Science & Math departments, respectively. The problem is when it comes to optional subjects like Computer and Economics where one teacher has to deal with 50+ students. And with the demands from the Internal Assessments (IA), this is a massive challenge.

Consequently, if you, or anyone you know, are due for leave or retirement, please let me know. You're most welcome to come and help out here at our beloved college.

Ongoing Construction Works:

The construction works for the 7 new classrooms & Science Labs are continuing as the two Contractors are picking up momentum plus the blessings of fine weather.

Meanwhile, both campuses are enjoying their new toilet amenities, especially the Form 1 students. We did bless them after the Opening Mass and what joy to see the joy and relief on the faces of the students. Now they're open for business!

Inter-House Sports:

Tomasi House was declared winner overall of both sports and marching competitions. I thought it was unfair to award them with both prizes as the other 11 Houses had given their best as well. Nevertheless, the judges had the final say!


Tomorrow evening we'll be having a 'palupalu' (not kalapu lahi) at the Hall. We desperately need mattresses for high jumps and hurdles. Needless to say, we can't compete well if we don't have these equipment.


Kei fakamalo atu ai pe he ngaahi tokoni kehekehe pea mo e hufaki ki hotau 'apiako. Ko e ta'u mahu'inga eni he 'oku tau faka'ilonga'i e Ta'u 155 'o e Kolisi 'Apifo'ou. Kuopau ke mau feinga homau lelei taha ke ma'u ha ngaahi ola lelei mei he ako mo e sipoti.

Viva AFC!


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