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College Updates: Week 4 - Term 2


Greetings Your Eminence and fellow AFC Family! I pray and hope that this update will find you all and your respective families in good health despite the ongoing threat from COVID-19.


Teachers and students are urged to take advantage of this virus-free time to push on with their coverage of subjects. We have roughly a month before the Mid-Year exams which will begin on the 9th of June.

It's unfortunate that we're still unable to hold general assemblies and Masses due to the ongoing restrictions of social distancing. Information and instructions are being disseminated via level assemblies and Home Room times.

Apifo'ou Botanical Garden:

After lunch today we'll have another work session. We'll plant the remaining 400+ ahi trees left over from last week. We need to fill the tires with soil and raise the ahi tree to level with the rim of the tire (photo 002). This should protect the tree from flooding and soil erosion. Lastly, we need to build a shelter/shade to protect the ahis from the sun. However, it's wonderful to see different classes of students and their teachers watering their trees.

Please take note, if you have contributed to the project by sending money, can you also send a copy of the invoice/deposit slip in order to help our bursar and office staff for their recording and paper works. Many thanks.

Construction Works:

The Ca'Bella contractors are putting the final touches to the first 3 new classrooms (photo 005). They almost complete the painting of the outside walls. They've cemented the verandas and are now putting up door and louvre frames.

Half of their workers are preparing the two new classrooms at St. Mary's northern side for the roofing (photo 024).

Engineering Shed:

For years now the engineering shed at the college has been left dormant! Since it is located at the corner with Petia, the shed has been (ab)used for drinking & partying! However, this week the TVET staff and engineering students attempted to give it a face-lift (photo 014)! They've welded up the fence and mended holes here and there. This is partly to make the engineering class practical and maybe lucrative.


On behalf of us all here at 'Apifo'ou, I'd like to extend to you all our heartfelt gratitude for your continuous support to the college.

I pray that in this month of the rosary, may our Mother Mary continue to watch over us through her powerful intercession.

Viva AFC!


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