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College Updates: Week 4 - Term 2


Greetings your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

The week 4 has come and gone swiftly! The week was shortened by a day as we celebrated Ascension on Thursday. The week was focused on the ongoing efforts to cover the syllabus. Meanwhile, the Level 6 staff and students are occupied with the IA Projects. Today the Levels 1 - 4 classrooms were inspected by the Administration and staff members. Part of the items inspected were the Prayer Corners in the classrooms. It was evident that students and teachers took pride in decorating the classrooms, both inside and outside. The event was concluded with a special lunch prepared by the Level 3 teachers to honor the Mother's and Father's Day.

The following consecutive photos are of the 'prayer corners' inside the Juniors' classrooms. It's certainly great to see the staff and students really put in their combined efforts into this important activity.

Apparently, this was an opportunity for the staff and students to beautify their classrooms as well. Malo fau e ngaue!

An added flavor to the celebration today was the blessing of the Statue of Our Lady donated by Mrs. Kivalu and Family from the US. Fakamalo lahi atu e tokoni mahu'inga ko eni. We're planning to build a small shrine to Our Lady at the juniors' campus.

Level 6 PTA

On Wednesday we had the Level 6 PTA Meeting. This is part of the strategies to harness the learning outcomes for the students. Hence, it's vital that we continue to engage the parents in finding ways to help students & improve learning outcomes.

Level 4 Cookery Course

The Level 4 students are enjoying some of the new equipment donated from our ex-students in Queensland and Melbourne.

Seen below are the sewing machines donated by ex-students in Queensland.

Queensland Container

On Monday we unloaded the 40-ft container from Queensland. It took us the whole day to sort all the materials that came in the container. The Inventory Team were present to do the recording of all the items. They were safely stored and each day this week the teachers come in groups to select the materials for their respective departments. Once that is complete we'll then send our Reports together with the official 'thank you' letters. There was a brief live coverage of the event which you can find in the 'Letio 'Apifo'ou Tonga' page on Facebook.

Drainage System for the College

It was such a delight to know that the construction work for the Drainage System Project funded by ADB will begin soon! I had the pleasure of meeting with the Engineering Team from Canada, Bangladesh, Fiji, and Tonga, and they confirmed that they are in the final stages of planning before they begin the work in September.

Seen above and below are the scope of works to be done. The drainage system will enter from the main road to the school's property. It will run along the side to the rugby grounds and exit to the side of the Naval Base. The dotted lines red & black indicate the areas where the work will be done. Thanks be to God, we've been praying hard for this to happen! Malo Sangato Sosefo!

Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel

We're frequently using the Our Lady of Sorrows Chapel for Mass. As seen below, the rugby boys and the community gathered there for Mass on Ascension Day.


Please accept our sincerest gratitude for all the prayers and support for the college. I pray the inspired gifts of the Holy Spirit will dwell in your homes, now and forever.

Viva AFC!


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Wow!!! Drainage System Project is funded! Keep up the good work...."Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment." By: Oprah Winfrey


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