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College Updates: Week 4 - Term 2


Warm greetings to Your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

With all the celebrations of the Ground Breaking and 159th Anniversary of the college behind us, the focus now is back to the classrooms. We're well aware that in two weeks time the Inter-college competitions for Rugby, Netball, and Soccer will commence. Hence, we're playing smart by making the most of the available time we have to push on with our classes and coverage of the syllabus.

Yesterday, we had the parents' Interview based on the progress of the students from Term 1 and especially after the First Common Paper Exams. This is a very worthwhile exercise as it allows the parents and teachers alike to be aware of where the students are in terms of their learning abilities and progress. Besides, the parents tend to be more confident in terms of raising any issues concerning their children when enabled to engage with the teachers on a one-to-one basis.

Ongoing Fund-Raising for the Chapel

Last night the President of the Executive Committee, Mrs. Polotu Paunga, accompanied by the committee members and other die-hard ex-students, were in Ha'asini for the Vahe Halaliku fund-raising concert. As you well know, this is the furthest Parish on the eastern side of the island and that's a territory considered to be Takuilau's. However, the wonderful spirit of cooperation between the Parish Priest, Fr. Paea Vainikolo, a former Head Boy of 'Apifo'ou, and his parishioners was evident. It was really great to see the 'Apifo'ou ex-students in the area turning up in huge numbers. The Hon. Minister for Infrastructure, Mr. Sevenitini Toumo'ua, is one of those staunch supporters and ex-students of 'Apifo'ou. It was such a huge surprise that they managed to raise $128,000+ although it must be said that these are people known for their generosity. All they need is a leader to inspire them. Malo fau e 'ofa!

Seen above is the President, Mrs. Polotu Paunga, Fr. Paea, Hon. Minister, Mr. Seventeen Toumo'ua, and the AFC ex-students after the concert. The smile says it all!

The atmosphere at Halaliku was electric, and it was fascinating and indeed affirming to see the spirit of collaboration between Takuilau and 'Apifo'ou in action.

Seen below are some of the current students from Halaliku who still travel daily to 'Apifo'ou! The parents and grandparents try to maintain their strong ties with AFC.

Parents' Interview

It was great to see lots of parents turn up for the Parents' Interview. Such activities will forge stronger ties between the teachers and parents which in the end can only be beneficial for the students and their progress here at 'Apifo'ou.

Sports Training

The adverse effects of the heavy rains in the past week have forced the various sporting Teams to squeeze their training into any available spots they may find.

Mother's Day Celebration!

Our male teachers honored their female counterparts by preparing and serving them with a special lunch. This is an annual practice to honor Mother's Day! Mind you, it's only in Tonga that we celebrate Father's Day on the Sunday that follows. The female teachers will return the favor then, but they have hinted at preparing a vegetarian lunch since obesity is becoming an issue among our male teachers!

Seen here are the female staff enjoying their specially prepared lunch served by the male staff. I'm not sure if that's the practice at home but it's wonderful to see.

Ex-Students' Executive Committee

The Executive Committee had their first meeting last Saturday. It was the first time for the new President, Mrs. Polotu Fakafanua Paunga, to address and lead the meeting. Frankly, I feel there's renewed vigor and determination now driving the Committee at this critical juncture. I was reliably informed that Mrs. Paunga is only the second female to hold the post of President of the school's Ex-Students' Association. The first one was her older sister, Lady Si'atukimoana Fakafanua Vaea.

Drowned/Flooded 'Apifo'ou

I've seen the grounds filled with water, but the past week has been the worst thus far! I just hope that the ADB-funded project for the Drainage System will begin soon. If you're in a state of shock to see these pictures, I share the same sentiments as I cannot recall having seen the water level at this height throughout my time here.

AFC Agriculture Project

On a brighter note, the rains have been anything but blessings for our plantation!


May I extend to you all our profound gratitude for the generous support being rendered to our beloved college.

As we edge closer to the Feast of Pentecost, I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to propel us forth on this pilgrim journey so that we may all remain closer to God and His Blessed Mother.

Viva AFC,


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