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College Updates: Week 4 - Term 3


Greetings your Eminence and fellow Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Briefs

This is week 4 of Term 3 and we're well beyond this academic year's halfway mark as we're already into the month of August. The focus for this week is the ongoing efforts to complete the syllabus. The Level 6 students have a few IA's to complete. The night studies in the various Parishes have begun.

The Tongan Language and traditions (Talafakafonua) completed their Tasks this week. Judging by the quality of performance put on by the students, we're very hopeful that they will get good marks for their hard work.

Evidently, the students had prepared themselves quite well as they managed to stage traditional songs, dances, and dramas for the assessors.

Enrichment Program

Ms. Singa Kaifoto is doing wonders with her students in this program. They continue to focus on the reading skills of students in the Junior levels. The program is empowered by the different forms of assistance from our ex-students. Well, this week they received special furniture from Her Majesty, the Queen. These furniture will be shared by the St. Mary's Library and Computer Lab. Those chairs look very cozy!

Donations from the Royal Palace

Apifo'ou College continues to be blessed with the donations from the Royal Palace. We were just informed that Her Majesty the Queen wishes to donate to the college a container filled with furniture of different types.

Seen above are the staff from the Palace Office who accompanied the donated items to the college to ascertain their safe arrival.

St. Mary's Computer Lab

The Juniors' Computer Lab was one of the beneficiaries of the donated items from Her Majesty. The children wasted no time in transporting them up to the Upper Office Room which has been transformed into their Computer Lab.

The smiling faces of these students speak volume of their joy and gratitude.

Alumni 'Oku Ha'atautolu AFC 97/98

On the local scene, this alumni group is the most active, led by their President, Mrs. Malia Lita Fisilau. They have started the Saturday classes for Levels 5 & 6. This weekend class is unique as the Madam President and their members do BBQ's as well to serve the teachers and students attending these much-needed classes.

Seen above is Dr. 'Atonio Apikotoa during class.

Planting Trees

The District Officer for Ma'ufanga, Mr. 'Alotaisi Takau, led a group of young people to plant timber trees at the college as part of the support for our Botanical Garden! They planted 40 Kauri trees.

Seen below are Fr. Valu Siua and Mr. Takau.


Two more teacher-trainees from the Tupou Tertiary Institute joined us this week for their Practicum. They'll be here for a month. They are fortunate to have Dr. Leonaitasi Hoponoa keeping them company during break times.

Radio Apifo'ou

Some Items for our Radio 'Apifo'ou arrived today from the US Executive Committee. The Radio Apifo'ou Tonga's Manager, Fr. Steven Lugabai, was present to accept them. Fakamalo lahi atu ki he'etau Kau Pule ki he Radio Apifo'ou, Mr. Tonga Finau, Mr. Vaea 'Anitoni, Mr. Francis Kolo, Mr. Nunu Huhane, Mr. Rodney Halapio, etc he tokoni lahi ke kei pukepuke ai pe 'a e quality 'etau Letio 'Apifo'ou.

Marist Rugby Club

This week on Tuesday evening we bid farewell to our Apifo'ou Marist Rugby Club as they embark on a tour of New Zealand. It's encouraging to see ex-students from Kelana, St Joseph's Ha'apai, Takuilau, etc. joining the club.

St. Bede's College

We've received brief reports from St. Bede's regarding the attachment of our Deputy Principal, Mrs. Kaunga Taulua. It was reported that she enjoyed everything except the cold weather! Malo pe si'i kataki ma'a 'Apifo'ou.

Sick Ex-Students

We visited our former sports Star Telekihi Hau at his family home. It was sad to see such a vibrant, fit and young military man looking gloomy. He has been struck with cancer. Anyway, Telekihi is a die-hard man and he's fighting it through. May I humbly request that you all keep Telekihi in your prayers. Tomu'a fakamalo atu.

Seen below is another faithful ex-student and Parish Priest of Kolonga, Fr. Pauli Ta'ai. Recently, Fr. Lutoviko Manu visited Tonga as part of his Provincial responsibilities for Marists, and spent some quality time with cousin Fr. Pauli. One can tell from their faces that they really appreciate those who take time to visit. Kole atu ai pe ho'omou hufaki ma'ae ongo Kolisi tutuku ko eni, Telekihi and Fr. Pauli.


Thank you very much once again for all your prayers and support for 'Apifo'ou. May God continue to grant each and everyone of you His many heavenly blessings.

Viva AFC!


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