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College Updates: Week 4 - Term 4


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs:

~ This is the 4th week of Term 4.

~ The Forms 5's & 6's are wrapping up their final exams. Meanwhile, the Forms 1 - 4 plus TVET will begin theirs next week. Form 7's are also preparing for the end of semester's exams.

~ English Week: The Juniors from Forms 1 - 4 had their English Week last Friday (photo 003). It was really wonderful to witness the creativity and confidence of the students as they performed either in a play, song or dance. It was a new discovery to some students who are normally reserved and timid, but were transformed on stage!

TVET's innovative ideas:

In photo 039, Sosefo Sakisi, one of our students with skills in welding displayed what he has learned so far. Like father, like son, as the saying goes! The end product is a portable 'open gas stove' that will use firewood (photo 042). The TVET engineering students are utilizing old gas tanks for this project. These will be handy for outdoor picnics and camping. So place your order now to try out this new invention!

Construction Works:

In photo 009 you can see the 3 buildings B4, B5, & B7 getting ready for roofing next week. The workers are drilling and nailing the straps as part of the strict requirements to obtain cyclonic standards that will withstand category 4 & 5 cyclones.

Fiji's 50th Anniversary of Independence:

Last Saturday the Vuna Road was temporarily overwhelmed by blue & white colours (photo 017)! The march was led by the AFC Brass Band much to the cheers and admirations of onlookers and bystanders (photo 016).


Thank you very much for your continuous prayers and support for our beloved Alma Mater! Please continue to remember our students as they embark on their exams.

Viva AFC!


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