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College Updates: Week 4 - Term 4


Greetings your Eminence and fellow AFC Family!

Admin Briefs

This is the fourth week of the final Term. The focus for this week is twofold: Levels 1 - 4 are having their annual Retreat; Levels 5 & 6 embark on their final exams. Form 7 students are also focusing on their upcoming exams.

Final exams

The final exams will also serve as a trial before the external exams which will begin on the 9th of November and ends on the 22nd of November.

Teachers have been urged to be vigilant during supervision to avoid malpractice.

As seen blow, the benefit of the newly constructed St. Tomasi block is that pan doors can be removed to allow the 4 classrooms to be used as a single unit.

World Eyesight Day!

Today is world eyesight day! And so, last Monday a Team of Optometrists from the hospital at Nuku'alofa made a presentation to the AFC staff and students on how to protect their eyes or better prevent eye problems before they arise.

Annual Retreats

The levels 1 - 4 are having their annual retreats. Each level has a one day session. Resource speakers and ex-students were invited to be part of the program. Fr. Chris Kaitapu took care of levels 1 & 2, Sr. Patiola Molia led level 3, and finally Fr. Loni Mafi helped out with the level 4. We're indeed grateful to these ex-students, clergy & religious, for helping out with this critical aspect of our students' formation.


A few of our students took part in the Quiz and Designing Posters as part of the awareness program organized by MEIDECC. This is the department that looks after natural disasters and emergency activities on behalf of the government.

The Quiz Team became 3rd but they became 1st in the Posters competition. We congratulate the Level 4 students who have been very active this year in participation in these national competitions for the schools.

Stella Maris 97/03 Notice Board

The Stella Maris notice board is shaping up well. According to the chief carpenter, Sione Tatafu, they'll complete the project in a couple of weeks time. Our gratitude to Mrs. Alisi Tatafu, Malia Nive, Nanuma Fa'asolo, etc. for this much needed project.

Volunteer Project

We're indeed grateful to the coordinators, Unaloto & Fonomanu, Mentor Fr. Seluini 'Akau'ola sm, and the rest of the Volunteer Team for the good progress made up to this juncture. There have been marked improvements in terms of the mode of communications. About 50 students at this point have created their new email addresses which will certainly improve the intensity and quality of sessions between the volunteer tutors/mentors overseas and the students/teachers here at AFC.

Below: the Coordinators of the project, Mr & Mrs Fonomanu and 'Unaloto Lolohea.


Thank you very much once again for the ongoing support rendered to the college from a wide cross-section of ex-students, benefactors, and friends of the college.

Please continue to remember our students as they progress with their exams.

Viva AFC!


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