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College Updates: Week 5 - Term 1


Greetings your Eminence and fellow 'Apifo'ou Family!

Admin Brief

This is week five and we're halfway already into the first Term. The focus this week is ongoing coverage of the syllabus in anticipation of the 1st Assessment in week eight. At the same time the Athletic Squad has moved up a gear in their preparations for the upcoming Intercollegiate Sports in the last week of April. They'll move into camp next week. It's encouraging to see the efforts of the teachers and students put into their study. The preparations of the weekly Eucharist are taken seriously as it is the highlight of the life of the college each week.

The college Brass Band plays a crucial role in the celebration of the Eucharist.

Various Activities at the college

There are various extra-curricular activities that occupy the college on a weekly basis. The singing practice for the weekly Mass is done every Thursday which highlights the importance of preparing the liturgy well. These musical skills are then carried by the students and used in the village and parish levels later on.

Seen above and below are the athletes focusing on their particular events either track or field events.

The Shot Put throwers follow the drills below given by their coach Taufa Halaholo.

Volunteer Program

We're grateful to our Volunteer Program Coordinators, 'Unaloto & Fonomanu Lolohea for their continuous support to the college. I'm aware that they had their first meeting a couple of weeks ago. Hence, we await the directions that we'll take this year. The teachers have been encouraged to use Projectors for their classes. Each Department now has its own Laptops and the projectors are readily available. This was one of the areas that the Volunteer Project wanted to make an impact towards improving the teaching and learning inside the classrooms. Meanwhile, the volunteers in Tonga have started. Sione Tausinga is teaching Physics, Faustina Kama is taking on Chemistry, and Paulo Manu with Accounting. Malo fau e tokoni!

Library & Librarian

Mrs. Seini Kisina has been the librarian at the college for some years now. The old library was under the Admin Office on the Houmakelikao side. The library has now been shifted to the last room for the Science Block. Here below you'll find the ever smiling face of Seini as she proudly displays the assorted books in her repertoire.

Surprise Visit!

Well, we were happily surprised by Fr. Line Folaumoeloa who showed up at the college on Wednesday. Even more pleasant was the cartons of Economic and Accounting Textbooks donated by his niece, Mrs. Loleta Folaumoeloa Mafoa. Vinaka vakalevu saka na veinanumi!

St. John's Block

Our Good Samaritan, Ms. 'Isitokia Paasi, has moved from St. Mary's to the St. John's campus. This time it's St. John Block next to the old Chapel. Three of the classrooms here needed urgent repairs to the ceilings. The first room was done by the Alumni 83. There were other Alumni groups that offered to fund the work. Anyway, we're sincerely grateful to 'Isitokia who is leading the project with the help of generous and committed ex-students from Honolulu, Hawaii. The President is Palei Tu'ihalafatai, Tau'eva Lino (Secretary), Fine Molia (Treasurer), and we have die-hard supporters such as 'Atolofi Lapa, Siaosi Vanisi, Sesilia Vaimo'ui, Mesia Fauolo, Hupeto Kaitapu, Elenoa Fonua, Anita Manupule, etc.

The leading hand is 'Alani Mahoni and assisted by his son and nephews. Malo Alani e tokoni lahi ki hotau 'apiako.

Kelemete Vahe RIP

The college fulfilled all her responsibilities for the funeral of ex-student and former CEO of Revenue & Customs. Kelemete was very supportive of the college and instrumental in bringing in some of the containers in the aftermath of the volcanic eruption. Toka a Kelemete he fiemalie mo e nonga 'a e 'Eiki.

Seen above and below are the teachers and students from the Catholic Education System presenting our gifts and offering prayers for the family.


Please accept our sincere gratitude for all your support and prayers for our beloved college. Let us continue to pray for each other during this Lenten journey.

Viva AFC!


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